2 Questions for Spawny :)

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Apr 14, 2001
1. Does your copy of "All Systems Go" have 11 or 13 tracks? My record has 11 but I have seen tracklistings for the CD before that have 2 extra tracks on the end...

2. I saw Hair Of The Dog - Rise for $17 new. Should I buy it? I've only heard the title track, didn't do much for me and was nowhere near as good time rock & roll as I expected... but I just read a review of the album (and I trust that reviewer coz his thoughts on the latest Slaughter album were EXACTLY the same as mine), and he said the title track was the only '90s sounding slightly alternative track on the album to catch the ears of newer listeners, and the rest is pure party hard rock like Kiss, etc. So I'm guessing "Rise" was a bad song to judge the style of the album on.

I should go back and get it shouldn't I? :)

By the way I just bought Pink Cream 69 - Endangered and I'd say it's my favourite release of 2002 probably, not as good as Sonic Dynamite but better than Electrified I think. I need a couple more listens to properly judge it, but it sounds pretty damn good so far.
1. 11 tracks on mine too :D

2. YES! Cheese and rice, doesnt anyone listen to me? Im not here to look pretty :mad: You will love it, awesome hard rock record.

PC69, I was going to buy one of their albums once, whats the best one?
Sonic Dynamite!!!! :headbang:

The last 3, Electrified (1999), Sonic Dynamite (2000) and Endangered (2002) are all extremely good and very solid, consistent albums! But "Sonic Dynamite" just has that something special which puts it above the others, the songs are just more effective and its a great album!

I can't stress enough how much you people should check out PC69! Basically, they sound like what all the '80s hard rock bands SHOULD sound like now.... where its mature and completely fresh and contemporary and definitely not stuck in the past, but its not grungy and sloppy (like Warrant and Dokken went) and not poppy like Bon Jovi and Def Leppard went. It adds a Euro-Metal feel to the sound instead (probably because they are German and Andi Deris was the old singer). They are just awesome awesome melodic hard rock with a Euro-Metal flavour!

So go out and buy "Sonic Dynamite"! Then when you can't get that out of your CD player, pick up "Endangered" and "Electrified"... then check out their first couple of albums (Andi Deris on vocals, and alot more flamboyant and partyish, kind of a VH feel). I haven't heard the mid-90s ones, but apparently they kinda suck and sound alternative/grungy.

And yep... I'll go back as soon as possible and pick up Hair Of The Dog - Rise!!! :D Finally, hahah!
I don't like Rise (the song). The vocals suck (what is with the weird effect?) and I don't like the guitar sound... reminds me of the guitar sound on Thick Is The Skin by Skid Row. Sounds too dirty.
Stop being foolsih and just buy the damn cd Troops :mad: Dont make me come down there :mad:
I am gonna buy the CD :)

Yeah dirty guitar sounds are good like in an AC/DC way but I just don't like the tone on the song Rise. It would sound good playing open chords but just doesn't suit that low heavy riff.
I've been reading a few reviews for their albums at Heavy Harmonies, Melodic Rock, etc. and the general concensus seems to be that the first album is alot better and the most rock & roll sounding, but Rise is still very good. And Ignite isn't so good.

I will find out when I buy Rise anyway :)
Ignite has 6 good songs, out of 10. That's 60%
Rise has about 7 good songs, out of 12. That's 58%.
If "Rise" is the best song though, as you say, that isn't very promising. But according to that Melodic Rock review it is the only not-so classic rock & roll sounding song on it so the other ones I will probably like better.
Originally posted by The Trooper
But according to that Melodic Rock review it is the only not-so classic rock & roll sounding song

That's right.
But I'd probably prefer if the rest were more like it. :(
Whilst we're talking about the brilliance of HOTD here, I just ordered Ignite and the self-titled album. Any particular tracks I should keep an ear out for when they arrive?

Troops, the original (1988) CD issue of All Systems Go had two bonus tracks that weren't on the vinyl release. "The Meltdown" is a Bobby Rock drum solo and "Ya Know I'm Pretty Shot" is an acoustic instrumental. Neither are essential, but I have both if you want 'em :).

s/t: The Party Aint Over and As I Am :D
Ignite: One More For Saturday Night, Between Darkness And Light and Devil May Care