Spawny went a little overboard.........

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Ahh yes Allegiance...i'd also recommend gettin their 1st full length 'Destitution'...a bit more of a death metal influence in this one...but it's still killer Thrash !

While on the topic of Allegiance there Bass player (Dave Harrison) now struts his stuff in a Trad/Power metal outfit 'Black Steel' who have a killer little ep out called 'Battle Call' and are soon launching there 1st full length release 'Destructor'.

hey Aces,
When was Skinman released.I only have Destitution...i never realised they had another album??
T'was relesased in 1996 through Mercury records

you should still be able to find it in CD stores...even places like Trax and sanity carry it

hell i saw it at my local trax for $9.95 reduced to clear !!!

Skinman is a lot more refined...there's less of a death metal influcence and more of a Heavy metal /thrash feel to it

A damn good album from a damn good band
Sorry 9mm, but I don't care for SFAM at all. Being a fan of both Queensryche and Rush, I thought I would *love* Dream Theater.
So I bought SFAM and was quite impressed on a first listen. Every time I've played it since then, though, I found myself getting quite bored. :zzz: . LaBrie's voice is a big part of the problem, as are some of the more self-indulgent instrumental parts. I tried to enjoy it, honest!