2 Questions for Spawny :)

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Ignite: One More For Saturday Night, Between Darkness And Light and Devil May Care


Those are the best! :headbang:
Alive, The Law and Shine are great too.

Unless you're a big VVI fan like me I wouldn't pay more than $10-15 for that album. So my answer would be to try out a few songs first... I can pretty much guarantee that the songs "Ashes To Ashes" and the ballad "Love Kills" will be winners with anybody who listens coz they are so damn good.... but most of the other songs on that album are very standard glam (with better musicianship though) and Mark Slaughter's girly vocals aren't the easiest for alot of people to get into.

However, the debut album is the best hair metal album ever imo :) That is the one I just can't recommend enough, different and better singer (still a bit of a girlyish voice though but much more attitude), HEAPS of energy, and a really really killer distortion. And the sound is anything but standard generic glam, simply because of the guitar tracks. In a similar way that George Lynch and Eddie Van Halen's one guitar attacks give their bands a really awesome kick up the bum, Vinnie's guitar work on that does as well, but its alot heavier than those 2 bands and better :)

I wouldn't mind bidding on that myself actually hahaha coz I only have it on vinyl lol.
I only have 3 songs from All Systems Go on my computer, but here are some clips for you to preview the album. Most songs are somewhere between Ashes To Ashes and Dirty Rhythm sound :)

Ashes To Ashes
Dirty Rhythm
Love Kills

If you ever see the self titled first album though I'd highly recommend bidding for it. I've never read a bad review of it either...

Can't wait for Guitars From Hell to finally be released because it even rips the debut to pieces in terms of ebergy, heaviness and attitude, but I think the debut sounds better still (maybe just coz I've only heard low quality unmixed demos from GFH).
They sound great, quite rocking. But I'll probably wait until I find the debut somewhere. :)
Quite a few people actually prefer All Systems Go because it has more "focused" songwriting and more melody, whereas the first is more of a non-stop onslaught of ear piercing lead guitars and vocals and heavy riffs. I just kinda found it a bit hard going back to the watered down sound of the second album after getting into them through the explosive debut.
I actually have a list of my albums online and reviews for alot of them :D Hahaha! The VVI review is probably the most colourful hahaha I got very excited doing that one :lol: