The Maiden Downunder drinking game


Apr 14, 2001
Im bored.

Take a drink when:

* Someone who doesnt visit here regularly posts in a thread and never comes back.

* Koichi calls Dimmu Borgir Dummy Burger or something similair, makes fun of Matt Barlows sooky wooky voice, makes fun of Sonata Arcticas lyrics or yells at Spawn for some reason.

* Spiff says Glenn Hughes is the voice of rock.

* Troops says something about gl... Actually we would all die of alcohol poisoning so never mind.

* Troops and Spawn get into an argument about something trivial(ish). 2 if the argument goes for longer than a page.

* Someone has a metal question and Goreripper knows the answer, have 1. If its the most obscure thing you ever heard in your life and he still gets it, have 2.

* Whenever there is tour talk about Iron Maiden coming here, have 5 to drown your sorrows.

* Whenever some shit melodic death band Spawn doesnt like announces a tour, have a drink (so thats about FIFTY for this year...)

* When Lord Tim posts a HAHAHAHA! have half of a tiny sip of drink.

* Whenever someone makes fun of black metal, raise your glass, say a toast and have a drink.

* Whenever a band loses a member and theres a thread about it, have 1.

* When someone says they arent getting their hopes up that the new album from a band will be any good, have 1.

* When someone mentions Troops' sister, have 1. Bonus drink if its a lewd mention.

* When a thread gets resurrected, have 1 for every year old that it is.

* Whenever a thread gets locked, drink a bottle of 59 bordeux from the vineyards of France.

* Whenever there is a poll, have a drink.

* If Troops ever gets his movie made, drink yourself to death because armageddon is just around the corner.

* If Blitzy gets into an argument with anyone about Load and Reload being good albums, have a drink. Have 2 if he wins.

* Have 1 drink if someone posts dvd info for a new dvd and it only has shitty bonus features.

* If when someone writes the word hysteria Spiffy quotes it and goes "when you're near", have a drink.

* Someone posts a haul, have a drink. Have 2 if they got something you would have bought. Have 3 if they didnt get ANYTHING you would be interested in.

* When someone gets a livejournal, have a drink.

* When someone posts a rant about something, have a drink.

* When phloggy says something sarcastic have a little bit, but not much.

* When Seventh Son or Sprucey post about prog, have a drink. Have a carton if there isnt a member of Dream Theater involved.
Yeah, you know, table magician. Does little tiny tricks at your table, or at least very close to you. I like those best because you're right there and still can't figure out how it's done.
I never said it HAD to be alcohol, and sometimes I have apple AND blackcurrant juice, but thats only if I want to hit the hard stuff and forget my troubles for a while.

So you were a penis puppetry table magician?
Yeah but I never said you HAD to drink alcohol, thats my point :) Glad to hear the shows went well, it must have been hard to get up each day and do them.
Goreripper said:
spawn, you forgot:

*when The Prisoner posts some obscure interview from a foreign magazine with a member of Iron Maiden, have half a tumbler of absinthe.

Have a whole tumbler if the translation makes little sense :lol: