The Opeth Forum previously unwritten rules


Papa Opeth
May 19, 2001
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Be intelligent

State your opinion - as strongly as you like

Be honest

Don't trash others for their opinions

Swearing isn't necessarily a no-no, but pick your spots, and use in an un-offensive manner

Length of the thread doesn't matter

Post anything you like - if it is deemed unpopular - it will pass to the bottom over time and dissapear

I'm not really sure why I posted this, other then agreeing with others that we don't want to see this forum turn into the crap that exists on other forums.

Please add/subtract to this as you see fit.
That's pretty specific..

I like the rules. But we can't get over-sensitive.. you can't freak out and ban someone for just making a little joke about you -

Basically, we should be wary of misconstrued jest. (I like that sentence)

but other than that, sounds fiiine by me.

Every kind of community, be it in person, in family, or online (and even in a kind of slow-chat environment like this), will form relationships and friendships, and inevitably, there will be people who get others pissed off. It happens, but we should do our best to watch out for it.

We gotta keep growing! :D