The Poll for the new Moderator!

Who will be the new mods of CoB Off-Topic?

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No doubt about it , I'd be the best mod around here :lol:
If you and I were mods, it'd be hell on UM :lol: but we'd rawk!
What does spelling have to do with anything? Desperately in spanish translates to desesperadamente so it's an honest mistake..
I was kidding, I am just joking man :p Gonzo knows that (I hope) we're all just fucking around with eachother for fun :p

dude, you say "ionna".

Yes, yes, everything is "pwnage" to you nowadays :lol: and btw:

IONNA > Gheyzor (except when you say it with your accent)

i still claim: WHAT A GAY THREAD.
I still claim you're right!