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gonzo never answers his PM's.. and that was a low blow JudL... low blow. uve turned your back on me and him alike.. we used to be friends :erk:

well he did before when he was pretty new here and so was I. That he might didn't pm'd you back is not my prob
Don't start with me on lowblows CodL.... I haven't turned my back on anyone but if you think i did well that maybe is your loss then....:Smug: I don't consider us being friends as an 'used to' issue, but well i can't help it if you think it is
how can anyone be friends with someone theyve never met/seen anyways?

oh and lord forummaster the first above you misspelled CHristopher
no im just saying that i find it hard to be friends with someone i cannot see every so often. i mean i realize that isn't much of a problem for all of you canadians or europeans on this board...

but people like me, gonzo, vikk, leandro etc. don't really have that capability