'TIARA' is out now - 12/10/18!


May 14, 2007
Here's a very nice message from Stefan regarding the making of the new album:

"What´s up, friends of SW worldwide!

This is Stefan checking in to share some of the stuff going on at SW headquarters at the moment. As you all know, Tommy is currently tearing up the road with Kamelot in the US, having a blast and scoring loads of new SW fans in the process! Awesome!

Meanwhile Andreas, Johan, Kyrrt and myself are hard at work on the follow up to “The great escape”, trading riffs, throwing out ideas, arranging parts and even full songs and demoing like crazy.
Tommy left some great stuff for us to dig into and we´ve also written a bunch of tracks based on each of our individual ideas. Being the new guy, I´m thrilled to be part of this creative process. I mean, the level of musicianship with these guys is mindblowing, yet much of the stuff I´ve been presented with, while seemingly impossible to pull off at first, is so clever and well written that it makes sense musically right off the bat. I guess that´s part of the magic of SW music that I fell in love with when I first joined the band. The new music is definitely very progressive and melodic and totally in the vein of the last couple of albums, but you´ll also find it´s heavier than before…
We cannot wait to share it with you guys!

Stay tuned…

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So great to have some update! I'm so anxious for the nwe album! :hotjump:

And heavier sounds good - I am so curious about how Stefan's influences will blend into the bands overall sound. Gonna be exciting!
Reading this update made my day. Really glad the process is going well, and "like their last two albums but a bit heavier" is pretty much exactly the description I'd give for what I'd hope for from the new Seventh Wonder (although I'm sure anything they produced would sound good).
Heavier? Awesome! :D Poor Tommy though, coming right off a Kamelot tour and into the SW studio - He's going to need this: :lol:
I seriously cannot wait for this album!!
The Great Escape is pretty much the perfect prog metal album so the new one should be mind blowing!
Andreas B. gives an update with the latest news from the studio:

"Just a little 'hello'....

Hey y'all!

Yesterday was a great rehearsal and not only cuz we finished a new track and were off to a flying start on yet another one, but also because it was the first time Tommy was back in the studio for a while.

It was a great, creative and positive atmosphere as we finished a track by me, started one by Kyrt and Stefan played us a demo of some exciting stuff he was working on. With the addition of these three tracks (although only one is really completed, but still) we are really making good progress with the new album and we have amassed a lot of great new material.

You know, it is a funny ride, to be part of the making of a Seventh Wonder album because you never really know where it'll take you. I hear lots of familiar stuff, but also I hear us exploring some previously uncharted territories, mostly in terms of moods and feels -which is something I think is a great thing. I personally feel that on the track Great Escape we allowed ourselves to strecth our legs, figurativey speaking, and try some new extremes in various directions and I believe there will be more of that on this new release.

We have to take care and not to rush things. We owe it to Stefan, and we owe it to Tommy -but most of all we owe it to you out there. I know it has been a long wait and I know we still have a aways to go but I really believe it will make for a better album in the end.

If you have some thoughts or ideas on what you would like to hear more of on this next album, now is the time to speak. We always stay true to our hearts and do what we feel like but it is sometimes great with a little outside spark to set something off -so please, fire away.

Thank you all for sticking with us. I hope we can try to take on the new year with great enthusiasm going forward and keep on this cool ride together.


Parts from the 2012 'year-end recap' from Andreas regarding the new album:

"..... 2013 will be an exciting year, for it *will* be a year of a new studio release from Seventh Wonder. We are well under way! We have more or less seven songs written, out of which four are very well arranged and demoed and only one that is still not properly worked through. We also have two more things in the pipeline to dive into come January and February. Our hope is to finish the demoing of the tracks this spring and then give Tommy ample time to work on the vocal arrangements following that. We will not rush that phase this time as we have before, but we hope this will make for a better product in the end. Then it is just the small matter of the recording, mixing and mastering but in all honesty we can't say anything about that yet, so we will have to get back to you on that one.

... the album will be the main focus this year and we want to give you something that was well worth the extended wait.....

I think we are in for a real treat in terms of this new release and I really like what I am hearing which is a good thing, don't you think?! I think it will clearly be the same melodic overdose it usually is so rest assured we won't be totally switching gears here, although we do work in a slightly different manner this time but all for the best I think, with possibly the only drawback I can see would be a little slower schedule...."
Hi SW,
I´ve discovered SW about 6 months ago, and I´ve become a fucking fan. I did not experienced this terrible feeling of waiting a new album, and I´m not sure how to deal with it now.
I´m a musician too ( Drums and Keyboards ) on a prog band too, so for me SW is not only an AMAAAAAZING band, but also, a master class of music and outstanding composition. Science should clone all of you, study and try to write some music best practices. I´ll die for your sheets or at least some midi files, LOL.
Well guys, all the best for the new album, and please, finished it asap. Me, and many of us, could not survive to this endless wait.
The best luck for Stefan ( I perfectly understand the huge jod you have ahead ) and for Tommy, who had to replace one of my favorite singers. The great Roy, and he did a fucking, great, outstanding job in Silverthorne.
I raise my glass of wine for SW.
Kind regards from Argentina.
Yesterday, the boys had another (rehearsal and) writing session :headbang:!

Andreas B. dropped in from the studio:
"Great fun last night! We sat down and listened through the six or so demos we have recorded to just get a feel for how everything sounded and everybody were pleasently surprised at how good it sounded. Feels like this one will fly.
We also started on a new track and made great progress. Whereas let's say 4-5 of the previous tracks were pretty much familiar territory, this new one is again something a little bit more different and it is fun and challenging to break out of your comfort zone and write new bass lines etc and I am sure the others feel the same way.
Two more songs are being worked on outside the studie and bottom line is I think we are progressing according to plans!"

Also, Stefan made a couple of photos as well .
Here are the first pictures from the making of 'SW5' (click on the picture to see a larger image):

A little, very cool, update (posted on Wednesday):

"Hey peeps! Yesterday was a monumental day, an important day for SW and a day of rebirth.
We totally scrapped a bunch of crap and came up with super cool stuff. It will be a day to remember and the birth of something new. We will do the coolest thing and you *will* like it.
Andreas Blomqvist
Hmm... I'd like to hear a bit more of a flamenco edge on the guitar. At least for a ballad. :) And Jenny, don't forget her.
Here's a little (FB-)update from Stefan:

"Hey friends!

Getting ready to head out to the studio later today to tie up some lose ends.. We´ll hopefully be wrapping up a piano based song that I wrote and then we´ll get right to work on some new exciting stuff of Tommy´s. We´ve already got quite a number of tracks under way, and the way each of our individual ideas are blending together is beyond awesome! It´s new, it´s brilliant and it´s totally Seventh Wonder :)

Vids and more pics coming, as promised!
It is May already, and I think this is my first time posting here this year. I regret to say I waste most of my computer time grazing Facebook, but I am making a mid-year resolution to spend more time here at the source of SW news. Tak for the birthday wish today (me and Salvador Dali) from Ultimate Metal Forum, and I continue to look forward to the new release from our guys coming sometime soon. May the music help us all to move on through until the day of its debut.

Let's sing at the top of our lungs!