To honor CHUCK SCHULDINER please enter this thread


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May 31, 2001
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Chuck Schuldiner is critically ill.

Chuck Schuldiner is one of the greatest metal guitarists ever, with an incredibly strong theft of songwriting and melodies.

With his band DEATH he has made some of the most important records in (death) metal, from the innovative SCREAM BLOODY GORE in 1987 to THE SOUND OF PERSEVERANCE.
His talents could also be heard in Control Denied.

CHUCK has been a big inspirator for many of us, at least for me,
and all his music has been exceptionally good, with breathtaking guitarplay, technical bravery, and the haunting melodies.

Please write a reply to honor this man who did so much for the (death) metal genre, and if you can visit the concert in Florida, please do so as the benefits go to aid Chuck Schuldiner.

Thank you Chuck for all your wonderful music and for inspiring me,
I wish you all the best.
I wish him all the best, he´s indeed one of the best guitarist/songwriters on this planet. But he will be back to release another great album.

Damn, I'm shocked at the lack of replies.......Chuck definitely has been the most influential musician in my life, not only in my music, but even in my own life. His tunes got me through some hard times, and I sincerely hope he can get through these tough times of his own.
Chuck has been a huge inspiration for me, musically and in life. He's a brilliant musician, and it's sad what's happened to him. I wish him the best of luck in recovering and getting through these hard times, and thank him for his inspiration, and awesome music.
Can't wait for the new CD album.
Chuck will always be in the top 10 musicians in my books , he is and always will be a big influence to thousands of bands around the globe . He has inspired Mikael Akerfeldt(opeth) to write the music he does and sing the way he does so he has to be thanked . Opeth change the way I live my life . and for a while so did Death .

I remember when me and a few friends used to drive around in van , just listening to death and other great bands , just burning gas just to listen to music , rather than go into a house and listen to it , we were so into the music at the time that even to take a few seconds to go into the house from the van would seem like forever . So we just stayed there listening to it .

But that's beside the point .

Anyway , Chuck is a fuckin God .
I only recently discovered the genius of Chuck's music. I picked up Human and Individual Thought Patterns not to long ago and was blown away. His music portrays a certain honesty that many bands lack today. It is horrible that tragedies like this always happen to people who least deserve them. But whatever happens to Chuck his music will live on and will to continue to amaze and inspire.
Chuck's been my favourite axe player since I discovered Death 2 years ago. I love playing along to Human (first 2 tracks, I just can't get enough of Suicide Machine), 'though my arms are pretty tired after about 3 songs! If I wasn't flat broke I'd be pouring money into his fund (everyone, if you can afford it, do it!!). Here's hoping he pulls through.
I know that chuck will pull through.. and come out as strong willed as ever.. but i still wish him all the best and thank him repeatedly for the many wickedly beautiful metal creations hes supplied me and countless others with...

a true immortal soul.
Blessed be...

Metal Unites...

Im also completely broke.. but I managed to sell two of my metal shirts for 35$ and sent the money to the chuck fund.. i know its not much..but every little bit adds up.
duuuude.,.,.,i met one of Death's guitarist's.,.,.,.he was fuckin awsome.,.,props to Chuck too.,.,hope they get new shit out.,.,
It's been a while since I made this thread, so I was wondering if there is any news on Chuck's state?

BTW, if people would like this thread to have more posts, we could all write what their numero uno favorite DEATH song song from each CD, one reply per track.

That should add.

Here's to Chuck Schuldiner, one of the true inspirators.