Umm I have a question about death metal...

Bands get played out when they feel the need to stick to only one subject like mid to late deicide. Death metal bands cant be into women? The man wanted to see some tits and had a platform to do it. Good for him
One of the guitarists in the band I used to play in was obsessed with Manowar and he had them up on this untouchable gods of metal pedestal until he went to see them live and they acted like dumbass rockstar douchebags onstage, inviting chicks backstage telling them to flash their tits and so forth. The metal mystique and dreams of a young warrior were shattered forever.

I'm not sure why that would be shocking since they have songs about women and goofy shit even on the early albums.
That goofy element in their material was always the barrier to them being the greatest metal band of all time for me.

And obviously falling off harder than a retard on a unicycle.
Do they even lift? Wimps. Old cunts.

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Better this than having their songs be about that stuff. One thing I love about metal is how non-day-to-day the subject matter it mostly is. Gods, demons, wars, the occult, nature, folklore, history, etc. I don't want to hear about relationships, politics, etc.
A conga line-esque group of 100 dudes jackhammering each others' butts for 48 hours straight would not be a fraction as gay as OP.
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Well thanks to everyone who responded. I understood several facts from your replies.

But come on why are few guys irritated by my question. I just wanted to know why he did that because I had not seen such things in a death metal concert.