What do you drive?


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Jan 21, 2003
Seattle/Tacoma (Browns Point), WA
Another boring night, wait, it's morning. Anyways, what kind of car do you drive and what have you done to it?

I drive an 84 Nissan 720 Pickup with the NAP Z24 2.4 Liter engine. 5-Speed Manual Transmission. When I first got my truck about 5 years ago (I was 15), I was kind of disappointed because I really wanted a Mustang 5.0. I learned to like my truck. When I got it, it was totally stock. At this time, I had moved back in the Seattle area from a hellish 4 months in Texas. I had a lot of friends and such but around my house, I didn't know people. Then, I met my neighbor Zac, who's dad is a cop, who had the exact same truck as mine. I mean exact. Same year, same color, everything. That's when I decided to make my vehicle a minitruck. First thing I did was get rims. I got rims and new tires and put them on. Then, I got a CD Player. I had a shitty ass sub (an 8) in there for a while, but it was my buddy John's and he wanted the piece of shit back. After a while, I got one 10 and an amp and had somewhat of a system. Shortly after, I bought some lowering blocks and lowered the rear with the blocks and dropped the front by cranking down the Torsion Bars in front. I went through systems and other shit through time. Then, I bought Zac's truck who was in his mom's possesion, and parted it out. I took the hood, the bed, the rear window, the transmission and the engine. The engine was built by another friend of mine who was my neighbor as well. The engine has pistons out of a 240SX, but I guess he built the fucking thing wrong. Shit started going down hill. I got hit a few times, all of which were hit and runs, so I never got compensated for the damages. Now, 5 years after of having the vehicle, this is what is done to it:

My system consists of two Sony Explode 5 1/4 inch mids (I hate Sony), Kenwood Excelon (don't remember the exact model, but it is a KDC) motorized flip face, two JL Audio W0 10s behind the seat. The 10s are powered by a 1 channel 600 watt California amp and the mids are powered by a ghetto-ass Kreico. I blew up my Fosgate and my Hifonics amps. I have a 600 dollar exhaust system which is 2 1/2 inch exhaust from the Manifold, a Weber Progressive Carbuerator, yellow side markers, white face gauges, Oil pressure gauge, 5 1/2 inch silver Auto Meter Monster Tach with Shift Light, and some little stuff. I have a fucking dented scratch all the way down my bed with two broken tail lights and one broken parking light thanks to assholes who not only don't know how to drive, but are gay about it and take off. I don't really mind though because I'm getting a new bed and new lights hopefully pretty soon. Also, I'm in the process of saving up for my new engine. I was going to get an RB20DET (Nissan Skyline R32 engine), but those fuckers run for about 5 grand at least. I decided to go with the SR20DET which is a Nissan Silvia engine. For about 1500-2500 bucks it comes with engine, transmission, ECU, Turbo, Intercooler, Wire Harness, everything. The engine at safe boost (anywhere from 9 to 13 PSI) can produce 230-250 RWHP (that's about 300-330 Horsepower) and about 275-290 FT LBS of torque. In a vehicle as light as mine, thats fucking damn good. All I know, is that as soon as my engine is in, I'm going to go hunt down some Honda/Acuras. I fucking hate Hondas!! After the engine, I'm going to work on the bodywork and such and the interior. I'm going to do suicide doors and such, shave the handles, mold the bed with the cab, Airbag Suspension, etc. Then, I'm going to repaint it and get some shit airbrushed. Right now, all I have really thought of was getting the scene (a picture) of Sephiroth when he's walking through the fire after slaughtering everyone in Nibelheim on the hood and on the tailgate I was thinking of getting SSJ4 Goku doing a Kamehameha or vice-versa. Also, my color scheme is light blue and yellow, but I think it would still look good with those airbrushed.

I am also going to do more modifications, but you get the fucking idea. I'd be suprised if most of you even read half of that. Yeah, it's funny. I got a pretty good system and it fucking bumps. But instead of bumping rap, I bump metal. I just fucking love having two 10s behind the seat pounding away the double bass in a good Death, CoB, Dream Theater or Liquid Tension Experiment song. It's a wonderful feeling.

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this is what I drive, :lol: its a bit old but oh man... in the winter its like a speeding bullet :loco:
I drive a 1993 Mazda 323 piece of shit. I've been driving it for 10 years. I have pictures of it when it was new, but the pics aren't scanned. Instead of being red it has changed to some sort of dull red/pink color. My stereo falls out of it every time I slam on the breaks too hard or make a sharp turn. My seatbelt no longer works so I have to listen to the constant clicking of it's crappy little motor trying to make it go. Meh. My air-conditioning also doesn't work anymore. Ugh. It's got a manual transmission though, which I find quite fun:). My next vehicle will be a truck.
Here's mine:


The only bad thing is that I pressed a button on the dash and it turned into a pickup truck....now I can't change it back. :bah: