What Does Royal Carnage mean?

People, really don't get too excited about this shirt, it's very basic but you know it kind of represents the ethos of us all being unpolished, bohemian, and rather gritty. :D I'll post some pics later...

So if it's ok with Russell, I'll send the last three out to Doomcifer, NicodemiX, and lurch70.

The rest of you will also be subject to the RC shirt mark II - available '05.
i met Ali for the first time when he was wearing the RC shirt ... so it is special to me .... in teh ghey way :wave: :loco:

looking forward to getting it .. the shirt I mean :loco:
Sorath said:
runes and icelandic kthx
I dig this idea.

And yeah, how many people are on this forum now? I can't keep up with a lot of the new members, and I'm here 40+ hours a week!