What if Opeth made a jazz/fusion album?


Jul 28, 2008
right outside Oslo, Norway
Whadaya think of that?? I think it would be interesting, to mix their own music with jazz/fusion.:kickass: Since they already have flirted with jazz on THE LOTUS EATER, it seems that they wouldn't be totally against it. And I loved the result.
I'd rather have Cynic just release something else along the lines of a modern Focus than have Opeth release something that could be awesome but could also be pretentious and terrible.
Well, I doubt Mikael's that jazz influenced. Besides, jazz fusion is almost completely about improvisation and Opeth songs are all composed from the beginning till end, so it wouldn't really be that Opethish.
Don't worry. Opeth now has a drummer who's at playing blastbeats, a guitarist who likes to play fast, a bassplayer who can play jazzy bass, and a keyboardplayer to enhanche the atmosphere. And Mikael of course.

So if all starts to write together we will soon have a heavier version of Cynic :kickass:

....or maybe not :erk:
Cynic is a sorta fusion metal band, basicly I was saying why would you want Opeth to write in a genre they have less experience in when you could have Opeth putting out good typical Opeth records and a real fusion metal band putting out good jazz/fusion albums. Basicly its like..."What if Opeth made a thrash metal album" - I would respond, k, while we're on the subject of what if's that probably won't happen, wouldn't it be better if Metallica just wrote another actually good album and Opeth stuck to what they're good at?
I thought Cynic was a joke when I saw them live, terrible live to be honest. :erk:

a Jazz album by Opeth would be awesome, but then I'd want Lopez back behind the set, since he's cut out for it.
Opeth's about mixing elements from all kinds of musical styles. Therefore an album that would be strictly jazz fusion wouldn't be Opeth anymore. And more, I doubt Opeth would sound good as an jazz fusion band.
Honestly, Opeth arent theoritical/virituos enough to pull off a jazz/fusion sound, main issue would be the songwriting. He sure writes part that could be perceived as "jazzy" but they are mainly doodles and still totally root in rock chord-progressions. its a whirlwind of theory and technique needed in order to play what most ppl would define as jazz/fusion, and thats not really where mikes at. Regarding that lotus eater thing I think its more of a funk thingie, especially the guitars.
I think he totaly got it, I mean, anyone could pull of a piece of fusion, even I. it's just to memorize some scales tbh, which I think Mikael totaly knows by now, since he plays them :/
I really can't imagine Opeth doing a jazz/fusion album. I doubt it is something that Mike is even interested in doing. It is also something that would be totally different to anything they have done previously and we would have fans complaining that not only have they lost that "autumn" feeling but the whole seasons.