Why don't the boys mixup the set more?


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Apr 29, 2001
The depths of Hell
It seems they don't play anything off of the debut, and when I saw them they didn't play anything before Dreaming Neon Black, and only two songs off that album at that. Now I read sets that show a shitload of songs off of DHIADW a couple off of Politics. Seems like they could play 2-3 tunes off each album.
They will play whatever it is they want to play...obviously...but yeah I am sure we all wish they would play songs off of every album. of course they will play mostly songs off of dead heart, they are touring for that album.
I agree with 666...their setlist sucks nowadays.That is mostly why their previous concert here was far better than the last one.Yes,it was the tour for DHIADW,but in 1999 it was the tour for DNB but they still played songs from POE,IM,S/T,and 2 songs from the Sanctuary days.I heard they are lately playing White Rabbit live...I hope they'll be playing that on the next tour as well,dammit I NEED to listen to this live!
yes they played White Rabbit when I saw them last. I was very surprised to say the least...They played 8 songs off of dead heart and 4 others (Beyond Within, Seven Tongues, White Rabbit, This Sacrament). I wouldn't go as far as saying they're setlist nowadays suck. Sure we all want to hear they're old shit, but there ain't shit we can do about it (except bitch on this board of course)
alright I admit that "sucks" is a bit unfair,but I was their seeing them perform Believe In Nothing and Insignificant and I couldn't help but wonder..."why?".They have faaaar greater songs to play,they're being wasted playing stuff like that...
Hey everyone, I'm new to the board, but have been into the band for a few years now. I've never gotten the chance to see them live yet, but I'll be going down to NJ to see them open up for Savatage. I read the setlist for last night's show in San Fran...and I'm dissapointed that there's isn't ONE song off DNB. That has become my favorite album, especially within the last couple days. I do like DHIADW and I really have no complaints about the amount of songs in the set (again, it's a tour for this album), I would just like to hear Beyond Within or Poison God Machine. Definately want to hear Seven Tongues of God live as well. I know it's an opening slot as well, so that cuts their set time even more.

I'll definately enjoy finally seeing them live, it would just be nice to see them longer and hear more songs! I'm sure everyone would agree with that.
Yeah when I saw them, they played mostly off of Enemies of Reality. They must remember fans who are there, are there because of the earlier stuff.