If you were to introduce someone to Nevermore, what would you play them first?

Originally posted by coronerox
for metalheads = Optmist or Pessimis, The Seven Tongues Of God, Narcosynthesis...
non = Believe in Nothing and stuff like that
By the way, doe's anybody know what's the meaning of Narcosynthesis? what this word mean??

Narcosynthesis is the treatment of neuroses by inducing a seminarcosis in which the patient recalls suppressed memories and recreates emotions.
i would play Dreaming Neon Black
and In Memory or Belive in Nothing and Sanity Assasin..!!!
and then after they love it- i'd start with DNB the whole album
and Heart Collector.

i agree with Echoforge, i would recomand them to read the lyrics first as well.
If I wanted to introduce someone to Nevermore...

Well I would just sit them down in front of a huge stereo setup and play them all five albums one after the other. If it's not something they will get into then that's it is all, but if it's the other way around, once it's done, they'll be begging for more.

Personally though, I was introduced with Sound of Silence, and loved it so much I use it as the theme song for one of my roleplaying characters.