If you were to introduce someone to Nevermore, what would you play them first?

It'd be four songs on DHIADW
We Disitegrate
Inside Four Walls
The Sound of Silence

dont know why, but TSOS is one of the SWEEEEEEETEST songs ive ever heard....
The first songs that I heard were Narcosynthesis, Dreaming Neon Black, and The Seven Tongues of God so I guess those are the ones I would play to introduce Nevermore to somebody.
Well, the very first song that I downloaded and listened to was Matricide... and then the Sound of Silence. However if I wanted to introduce somebody to Nevermore, I'd probably play Poison Godmachine and The Learning.

I wouldn't play them anything. I would have them read some of the lyrics first......tasty little morsels there man.
That would just have em going fukin NUTS to hear the music to em :p
Then I would crush them with........
Seven Tounges of God
The Sound of Silence.......jesus how did they get THAT out of the original???
I'd say these songs in no particular order:

River Dragon...
Seven Tongues of God
Next In Line
Beyond Within
Poison god Machine
No More Will(god damn that song is SO good)
Garden of Grey

The songs that I first heard to get into Nevermore and HELLA kept me into Nevermore were Beyond Within, Next in Line, Inside Four Walls, River Dragon, In Memory
[color=#Aoeooa]First Nevermore tracks which got me into Nevermore were:

The Sound Of Silence
Next In Line
Believe In Nothing
Seven Tongues Of God

I told an 'alternative' mate to download Heart Collector and Believe In Nothing and now he likes the band.[/color]
All 200 million people I've gotten into Nevermore was with DHIADW. They all fall in love with them after that. They just can't get enough. From there, I give them Lefay, Iced Earth, Iron Maiden, all sorts of shit. Maybe not 200 million. But Dead Heart could make a believer out of ANYONE. Even though Warrel Believes in Nothing.

Side Note: 1. Matricide, 2. Optimist vs. Pessismist, and 3. In Memory were the first songs I ever heard from Nevermore. In Memory is the shit. I am The Sorrowed Man. Shit yeah. Cool thread.
i'd take the dude and go to a nevemore concert...

thrash fans: sevent tongues or beyond within, poison godmachine

gothic, doom whatever: deconstruction, all play dead maybe

nonmetal hippies: heart collector, insignifcant, garden of grey!
Even if some don't like it.. "dead heart" is a good album to make anyone get into Nevermore... I believe that is because it's the best album I've ever heard ( hehehe.. don't know why but when Enemies arrive I'll change this opinion :lol: )
Back to the topic..
yesterday I showed Dead Heart to another friend and today he asked me to listen to all Nevermore Cds...
he is the third one that starts to listen Nevermore starting with Dead Heart... :)
I did that earlier today, I introduced a friend to Nevermore, first with the Senven Tongues of God, followed by Insignifigant, then Blelieve in Nothing. He loves them now :) Unfortunately, he won't fucking shut up about 'cool parts' either, but I can't blame him :)
Depending on the person --

either DNB then DHIADW [if I think the "darkness" won't be perceived as repulsive],

or DHIADW first to "HOOK" someone immediately!!