Your favourite Opeth parts/riffs

intro riffs to In the Mist She was Standing

The Leper Affinity's solo from Lamentations. THAT PINCH HARMONIC IS ORGASMIC!!!!!

Demon of the Fall - when he begins to sing. i love that deep voice
april ethereal: 3:08-3:35, 4:41-5:28,6:00-6:41

the amen corner: 4:00-5:32

reveries/harlequin forest: 8:12- 9:05

advent: 1:19-1:56 and 3:19-4:21

windowpane: 1:12-1:47

closure: 3:27-5:15

the funeral portrait: 4:28-5:28 and 7:3-8:00

forest of october: 6:33-7:52

the moor

godhead's lament........ fuck it. both songs entire
Favourite Opeth parts:

Bleak - the riff in that song wow!!
Windowpane - the whole song is amazing but the bits between each verse I really like.
Ghost of perdtition - the refrain rules
Benighted - RULES!!
In addition to the great ones already mentioned

There's about 30 seconds of pure bliss when Mike growls The Grand Conjuration
Perhaps one of Opeths heaviest moments & def one of my fav's

Also the last minute of Hope Leaves
Wreath - The riff preluding the solo at 5mins. Mind Blowing !

I had one question. Opeth being so centred around mikael....who wrote the bass lines for "The Baying Of the Hounds" ? The ending bass lines is just out of the world.(10min 01sec). Its simply amazing !
So many to choose from but I'll post a few, don't know the exact times in the songs...
-First few seconds of the opening for April Ethereal
-Demon of The Fall, the part where "Demon! Demon of the fall!", continuing til "Run away, run away..."
-All of Godhead's Lament, especially "Searching my way to perplexion"
-All of Harvest and Windowpane
-The opening voals of "In My Time of Need"
-Intro and after the 10 minute mark in "Black Rose Immortal"
-The moment in The Night And The Silent Water, "You sleep in the dark, yet the night and the silent water...still so dark..."-this part makes me feel very Opeth-ish
-Ending of Blackwater Park
-All of The Twilight Is My Robe
K I think I'll stop here...
mike writes the bass lines
From Ghost Reveries session diary:

Mendez did his bass takes pretty fast, basically playing his 3 Fender Jazz basses, one fretless which I can't remember if he used or not...I think he did. His bass-lines on this record is outstanding people!! His best work yet!
I like the way they play that solo part in the middle of Reverie/Harlequin Forest. It's like "let's forget about the song and just play this line forever..."