Your favourite Opeth parts/riffs


Nov 2, 2006
What's your favourite Opeth parts/riffs?

Here's my top favourites (in no particular order):

- Black rose immortal: 11:55 - 14:30 (totally outstanding!)

- Blackwaterpark: 07:43 - 09:36

- Bleak: The refrain

- Dirge for november: the intro

- A fair judgement: The distorted parts starting at 01:52

- Masters Apprentices: 02:54 - 03:15

- April ethereal: 04:42 - 05:45

+ much more..
Just to name a few:
The leper affinity - twin guitar part then into the acoustic section, utterly stunning

The drapery falls (live version) - when mike goes into that lead bending the shit out of the 12th fret.

Wreath - Both solos but especially the first, i think its peter that does it and its one of the best opeth solos period!

The most amazing and brilliant instrumental - epilouge -
and All the haunting sounds on damnation and the chessyness that is ending credits.
The end of When(dont know what "time") but*hairs on back of my neck stand up*

Reverie/Harlequin Forest- about 1/2 way through(not a fan of the ending)
Windowpane ending
Serenety painted death riff-last heavy riff. ("White face, haggard grin, this serenity painted death..")

deliverance-4:46, (all singing part)

deliverance-9:41-to the end

Blackwater Park-Main heavy riffs... Brutal death metal riffs on that song

The Drapary falls-Begining lead (live version, it sounds brilliant)

many more.. To many to write down
A Fair Judgement - the acoustic solo Mike does right after the second "chorus" right before going into "leave it be, it was meant for me" through Mike and Peter's main solos.

Demon of the Fall - When Mike goes berserk right before "Demon of the fall!" after the short acoustic break. The build-up on this thing is awesome.

The Baying of the Hounds - The ominous, goosebumps-inducing riff after the ambient part in the middle. When Mike goes "Lined up verses on dead skin the tainted lips of a stranger resting upon hers" - brrrr... sends shivers down my spine.

Beneath the Mire - The amazing guitar+keyboard solo. Simply awesome piece of music.

Serenity Painted Death - "Ripped from my embrace-eh, Melinda reflected in shafts, red line 'round her ne-ckeh, met the earth in silenc-eeeeeh". So heavy.

Windowpane - Mike's main solo on this one is so emotional it brings tears to my eyes. Watching it on Lamentations was very powerful.

Ghost of Perdition - When Mike starts growling after the soothing intro. The sudden attack of his awesome growl, the guitars, the drums and the keyboards makes this blast truly exceptional.

The Drapery Falls - The drama starting at the end of the second chorus, through Mike's solo going into his growls. Powerful stuff.
All the guitar parts on Windowpane are absolutely stunning!!!!! even the screetchies!!!

Also, the scream at the end of Blackwater Park is dead sexy.

I always liked the "they are... the trees..." bit in Harlequin Forest, too.
Dead Sexy:lol:
You stole my words off the screen with "they are...the trees" .....powerful, powerful, emotional attachment to that song *good call dude*
Some of my favorite Opeth moments where... the intro of Advent, the first clean passage on The Night and the Silent Water, along with the last riff with the whispering over the bleak sounding chord progressions... and the clean stuff in the end of the track Bleak is amazing.

You know, if I had to post my favorite Opeth parts or riffs, I would be writing a damn book so I'll just leave it at that. :kickass:
-The Leper Affinity Solo
-Blackwater Park : 9:36 to the end.
-Baying Of The Hounds : 1:49 to 2:20
-Hours Of Wealth Solo
-To Bid You Farewell : 9:54 to the end
-April Ethereal : 6:45 to 7:29
-When : 8:24 to the end
-The Amen Corner : 7:07 to the end
-Demon Of The Fall : 4:42 to the end
-Godhead's Lament : 4:50 to 5:51
In The Mist She Was Standing - 7:30-8:33, 12:09-14:09
Under The Weeping Moon - :27-:58, 2:37-3:09, 6:12-8:10, (ONE OF THE BEST RIFFS EVER FUCKING MADE: 8:46-9:52)
Silhouette - 1:00-END


Deliverance -9:59 - END


In My Time of Need 0:58-3:32

ill update this shit, i could do this all day

Btw; the absolute best riff they have ever done, all anyone has to do is listen to A Fair Judgement 8:04-8:16

Those 12 seconds changed my life in a flash unlike any music i've ever heard before it. Opeth never ceases to amaze me.

Also 2:11-3:05 in Twilight is my Robe imo takes a close second.
Godheads Lament - "AHHHHHH AHHHHHH AHHHHH AHHHHH" right before "searching my way". Too awesome


Masters Apprentice - The main sweeping riff that loops over and over at the end of the song. Simple, but it sounds really nice.

Harvest - The accoustice riff during the main riff.

Nectar - The whole bass line.
There are plenty..

Blackwater Park : 2:42 -> 5:27. The way its building up, and explodes.
Moonlapse Vertigo: 5:16 -> 6:28. One of my favourites.
Face of Melinda: 4:20 -> rest of the song.
To Bid You Farewell: 7:04 -> rest of the song.
When: 6:08 -> rest of the song.

Forest of October: 5:39 -> 7:50
Black Rose Immortal: 4:11 -> 5:58.
One of the best riffs ever, imo.
The Leper Affinity: 2:10 -> 3:13. Holy shite, that gave me gooseflesh hearing it live.
A Fair Judgement: 5:43 -> rest of the song.
Ghost of Perdition: 5:56 -> 6:57
Seeing as most of you have mentioned tons of great parts, I'm gonna try something a bit different, and focus on some small details which I like.

TO RID THE DISEASE (3:33-3:53)
When the solo begins, there's some mellotron in the background, which suddenly disappears and completely changes the atmosphere of the solo. Definitely thumbs up.

The harmony lead is obviously great in itself, but what makes it really cool is that the higher harmony is lower in the mix. Usually the higher harmony is the one you hear the best, because of the high notes, but not this time. I think it gives it an interesting feel.

ADVENT (8:53)
When he sings "We survey the slopes", I get immediate chills. Like in To Rid The Disease, the atmosphere and tone completely changes because of that little detail. Great songwriting tips.

Those muted notes. Best Opeth moment ever.
Serenity Painted Death - 7:00-7:55

Came with the moon
The wayward in concious state
Flanked and barred in destiny's end
Underneath with hope in laches
Swathed in filth, any would betoken
Starlit shadows on the wall
Finally there to collect me
From the bowels of sin

White faced, haggard grin
This serenity painted death
With a halo of bitter disease
Black paragon in lingering breath