Your Thoughts on Final hour


Music is everything
Sep 21, 2005
Mass, USA
Were is everyone with comments on this album
For me someone on another forum told me I should check this out and i Did
My First impression this isn't bad at all and i have to admit i wasn't to big on the vocals at first but now i really like his voice and I did notice a Pegan's mind influence threw out the album but not as if they were a carbon copy , they definitly have there own sound , somewere in between 80's metal and more recent prog metal sound.
But anyway the album was a grower for me but it really didn't take long for that to happen maybe after the 3rd listen i was hooked
So congrats guys on a very good album
i really like most of final hour. Its a great power metal album. Not to say its the MOST unique thing ive ever heard, but not everyone is going for completly unique, stick with what you know and love. I loved the vocals as soon as i heard them. The vocals on the wire start off as a little Testament-like and then change to a more melodic voice (reminds me of a sabastian bach- skid row/ charlie dominici -old DT mix) in the chorus. Great combo. All other members are great as well.

A moment to remember is my favorite song on the album followed by The adventures of Arcan, and The Wire.

Cant wait for Prog Power next year!