Zanex and I just had our meet


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Aug 31, 2001
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FUn shit i must say. He is super fuckin cool. KNows his shit as well.

We chatted for hours, listened to lots of cd's. TRaded stuff.

I GOT THE DEATH LIVE IN LA VHS(CHuck fuckin smokes that lead while he sings!!!). Plus some KISS stuff.

We got high, you know. 2 big fatties. ANd i smoked a little of another small one from earlier.

It was very fun, I recomend a meet with a board member if possible.

Well, i may tell more tomorrow, im tired. Gonna hit the couch, and smock another one. AND WATCH MY DEATH VIDEO hahahahahahaha..AGAIN........
You should hear zanexs death metal voice hahahha. Dude, its fucking awsome.

YEah, we had a great time. Im fucking wiped ass tired man hahaha.

That vid is killer. We checked out about half of it. I highly recomened it. He kicks JEffs ass, damn man, its wild to watch him.
Smokes while he sings? I must see that someday...

Darkspot and I were trying to force our Smashing Pumpkins obsessed friend to listen to Nevermore again... it didn't work out well... she insulted the vocals, and I just got pissed off and walked away to vent for a second.