A question about Blackwater Park


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May 20, 2001
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Just out of curiosity, is it just me or is the hi hat that Martin Mendez uses while drumming really upfront in the mix? This is especailly noticable in the chorus sections of Bleak. Now because of that one song I'm hearing hi hats in everything:)
First off, Martin Lopez is the drummer and Martin Mendez is the bass player. Sorry... just had to clear that up. :D - Secondly, I don't really think that the hi-hats are 'too' up front in the mix. I've never noticed them being overpowering at all really... It's probably just one of those things that since you've become consciously aware of it, that it tends to stand out more. Personally, I think that Lopez (on every Opeth album he has done) achieves excellent sound, including hi-hats. All are mixed and played with the perfect amount of taste, dynamics and never overplayed. Ever since My Arms Your Hearse, I've praised Lopez' parts as he really plays well within those three underrated qualities in his recordings, even in a "genre" being overly-saturated in speed. I'm unaware of the brand of hats that they are however. I'm tempted to say Zildjian but I'm not too sure! Would anyone happen to know? Specific size and model are a plus... :)

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Can't know for sure about Blackwater Park, but judging from the above, Zildian sounds about right. ;P
Yes, I've seen those lists before. But which is it? Zildjian or Sabian? Judging by the sound I think it 'may' be Zildjian hats, but there is no way I can be sure. The site isn't very specific, or maybe I'm just real picky about detail (probably - :D). Martin again, uses the Ludwig Customs on the Blackwater Park disc. He also said he uses some German brand for his effect cymbals but it was something I'd never heard of before, or maybe I just couldn't understand his accent - hehe. Oh well, maybe someone can shed some light on this subject eventually...