Any concept albums from Katatonia?

Bleak Eyes

Jun 16, 2003
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I am still a growing Katatonia fan and I was wondering if they have written any concept albums. I thought that maybe Tonight's Decision was a concept album and that is what made me think of this question. Just wondering.
They haven't written a clear consept album, yet. I would really like to see a consept album from Katatonia. Something very depressive and sad. But maybe in the future :headbang:
I think I prefer non-concept albums from them. But sure, if done well I would take it anyway. :) Viva Emptiness had a loose theme already...
red_tear6 said:
Hmm...I don't want to sound like an idiot, but, what do you mean by 'concept album'?

Concept album is a record with a storyline, that is followed in the lyrics. Like Opeth's Still Life and My Arms, Your Hearse or Edge of Sanity's Crimson.
i think the whole band as itself,
"katatonia" IS a concept.
the music they make is the vivid craft of the concept.

and whats the concept?

speaking of the new katatonia, i feel the concept is the whole human condition, and society, featuring all its feelings, from the most perfect virtue, to the vilest of acts.
Demonspell said:
Some fans consider Viva Emptiness to be a loose concept album, although Jonas' song by song explanations did much to discourage that theory.
Yeah, he did a very good job of discouraging that theory. Too good a job I think. I still contend that there is a storyline taking place in 'Viva Emptiness', and even though the tracks can be taken as little stories of their own, I think it'd be naive to believe that there wasn't a narrative in action there.

Obviously not as clear cut as 'Hearse...' or 'Still Life', but the 'jail' thing is just too recurring to be merely an 'accident'. Or if it is an accident, there was definitely somthing on Jonas's mind when he wrote those lyrics, even if he didn't mean it!