Avantgarde era Katatonia vs. Peaceville era Katatonia

Did anyone else notice a destinct change in style from the last Avantgarde release "Discouraged Ones" and the first Peaceville offering "Tonight's Decision." IMO "Discouraged Ones" was still very much a Katatonia release albeit without the dirty vocals but "Tonight's Decision" was very different from the earlier Katatonia "sound." Much more rock and less "Katatonia." Such a shame. :(
oh yes, progression is always such a shame....
(whoa look out im being sarcastic!)

umm theres a noticeable difference, yes- but i dont see where your getting that TD doesnt have the katatonia "sound" or 'style'? i think it fits their progression perfectly! the sound, specifically with the guitars, is way unique to them and i think is strong on tonight's decision...to me the most distinct change on TD is in the drumming-its totally different from the other releases-obviously because dan swanö did them! im not so great with knowing all these 'band history' things but im almost certain that its the first album jonas didnt drum on? so im guessing that is possibly what has most influenced your opinion?....if im wrong there please ellaborate on what your saying-because im not trying to say your wrong about this-its an opinion thing of course and i just want to understand your view. i dont know how the label switch has anything to do with it other than perhaps more money for production or something-which in katatonia's hands could never be a bad thing.

it still sounds totally katatonia to me and super fucking amazing-i think its a shame to see the word 'shame' in connection with any katatonia release! :eek:
I think in world of metal music doesn't depend on label, it depends on people, that composing it. "Discouraged Ones" was hopeful and tired, but "Tonight's Decision" shows soul battle of it's creators. Hmm...but from this point I can't see what they want to show with "Last Fair Deal Gone Down"... may be it will come later... . Hm, interesting, "LFDGD" looks like just good, emotional music, but if previous albums were leaving the whole picture of emotional condition of composers, this album leaves only fragments, it has no conception of feelings! (Whoa, I'm so clever!). Your opinions?
I think Katatonia has been evolving quite naturally and there wasn't any drastic, major or unatural changes between DO and TD.

Sure some things change, but it would be boring otherwise, no?

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I think 'Tonight's Decision' is a natural progression from 'Discouraged Ones'. The production is more refined and warm, and the songs are better structured in my opinion. Obviously Jonas' vocals are much further developed.

'Discouraged Ones' is a great album, but I prefer 'Tonight's Decision'. I love the whole ghostly atmosphere in the latter album- it's really a unique feeling that I get when I listen to it. I rate it about the same as 'Brave Murder Day' and just below 'Last Fair Deal Gone Down' (their best, if not THE best album I've ever heard, in my opinion).
Originally posted by Evil Edith
"Tonight's Decision" was very different from the earlier Katatonia "sound." Much more rock and less "Katatonia." Such a shame. :(

i don't think Katatonia is any less Katatonic because
they have evolved. its has always been in
them to do so. Brave Murder Day was
as different over Jhava Elohim Meth
just as Tonights Decision was
different to BMD.....

so lets keep expecting CHANGE. its the only
thing that will stay CONSTANT :D
actually the only good peaceville album is Viva Emptiness, the other feel pretty much like college rock, esp. Last Fair Deal Gone Down... yawn... anyone into Dance Of December Souls check the Daylight Dies CD and MCD...
Shizophrenia said:
actually the only good peaceville album is Viva Emptiness, the other feel pretty much like college rock, esp. Last Fair Deal Gone Down... yawn... anyone into Dance Of December Souls check the Daylight Dies CD and MCD...

College rock? wtf? :err:
Last Fair Deal Gone Down is such a great album as every other Katatonia album is. Each one has its atmosphere and may have different things, but it's still Katatonia and when you listen to it you can realize that :)
I love Dance of December Souls, it's my favourite. And I've already listened to Daylight Dies and it's also a very good band and I like it.
i think the most statements here are pretty vain and sound just like the standard stuff music reviewers use to talk without knowing the facts and blaming bands that have changed, evolved..
every Katatonia album is an individual musical life story, different musical approach telling about different features of human sickly nature.. as in every lifetime there're things changing..
why ever college rock :ill: what a vapid comparison!
I love the Peaceville era over the Avantgarde one, even though Brave Murder Day and Discouraged Ones are beautiful, great albums.
The earlier stuff was a bit more doomy and dark, but Brave Murder Day, Tonight's Decision and Last Fair Deal... are all equal to me. Discouraged Ones is a bit behind and Viva Emptiness is tailing that one.
I love all Katatonia, period. They have never made a bad record in my opinion(although I do like VE less than the others; still much better than 95% of the other crap out there). But to call a period of Katatonia's life college rock? That is just insane. College rock is garbage like Yellowcard, Sugar Ray, Blink 182, etc., etc. Do you really feel comfortable lumping Katatonia into that sort of forgetfulness? Subjectivity is one thing, but "college rock" Katatonia is just plain laughable and dismissable. LFDGD is my favorite album of all time btw, and I hear none of the nuances your said category might include. All I hear is depression and resignation focused so perfectly and intensely that it just butchers your soul. And it is all done with influences from Will Oldham, Mogwai, Slowdive, and etc; certainly not Top 40 junk. College rock........christ.
TheFourthHorseman said:
Yeah I hope Katatonia didn't pull an Opeth and only played songs from the Peaceville albums...
It's why Katatonia still stay with underground label. They free and can do what they want. I won't say anything bad about bands from MFN but Anders and Jonas won't suck big brand dicks and turn from thier only way (and all major asses hate them for this).

sorry for my shitty english but I hope u catched my idea
I guess I prefer the "peaceville" era simply because there are some great melodies
the older stuff is great too
Though I have to admit I like Viva Emptiness a good deal less than any other Katatonia record, not that it's BAD.
I like

Dance of December Souls,
Tonight's Decision
and Viva Emptiness

most of all the Katatonia releases. I guess that means I'm kinda balanced between the two eras. They both have some great stuff, and I don't see why people think VA is weaker than the previous Katatonia attempts. I guess it's a common thing to be critical of the newest album.