Best band from the USA?


Black Heart
Aug 21, 2001
Elmhurst, Ill. USA
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Since we've had the best band from Sweden, and Finland, how about the best band from the USA?

My #1 vote is for Nevermore , one of the best bands in the world.
Followed by Symphony X, Slayer, and Dream Theater.
Slayer?! You have to be kidding. Might as well throw in Megadeth and Anthrax?

The best US bands I've heard: Morbid Angel (no. 1 US metal band IMO), Agalloch, Krieg, Profanatica, Immolation, maudlin of the Well, Judas Iscariot and honorable mention to Schloss Tegal
hmn, im gonna have to go for a rock band :eek: what did he say? rock! my god no. well anyway i have to choose The Smashing Pumpkins as they have been the biggest influence on my life and led me on to darker music, with great lyrics which near the end of their career got darker (''you cut out his heart and watch him die...'' - Atom Bomb)

Nile are great too, but they would go down as wannabe Egyptian i think.
Originally posted by gotham
Slayer?! You have to be kidding. Might as well throw in Megadeth and Anthrax?

The reason I threw in Slayer is because the new cd, God Hates Us All, ROCKS! Megadeth could get my vote (they were my favorite band for a long time), but the last few cds have been terrible. Anthrax's last one, Volume 8, is actually not bad.

By the way, who ever said November's Doom, GREAT CHOICE!
I forgot all about this great band.
gotham: By the way, Slayer revolutionized metal in 1986. Do they deserve to be the best us band? Hell yeah. But im sure the new cd is either a Divine Intervention rip off, which was already a rip off of Reign In Blood, or either like the last one. Hmmm which was a good but not great one. And you know that without Slayer there wouldnt be any Morbid Angel.

My favorites are Slayer, Metallica, Morbid Angel, Death, Cynic, Sadus, Pantera, Deicide, Malevolent Creation, Pessimist.
i see your point about Slayer, I was considering the question to mean best band right now, but in terms of all time (which was probably what the poster had in mind) then I would say Metallica and Slayer were the two best I know.

Not only did their music mean so much to me, but they inspired countless other bands around the world to continue playing metal.

My original list was for bands right now, no way would I say maudlin is a better band than Slayer.

Sorry for the confusion!
By the way, here's a snippet from an Akhnaten interview where he reluctantly admits to being American:

There are some US bands worthy of recognition, such as Black Funeral, Absu, Thor's Hammer, Wind of the Black Mountains, etc., but for the most part, the US is a fucking embarrasment and I am often ashamed to print my address. I retch with disgust at the fact that I come from a country that spawned such pathetic fools as Gutted, Raped Ape, Six Feet Under, etc.. I would be suprised if the US will understand black metal any time soon, but they will probably create their own little fag-ass version of it which will completely lack conviction and spirituality...but we'll see.
A Slayer and Metallica comment:

Even thought they are not my favorite, they are both metal pioneers. They were both at the top of the class in the metal world - all looked up to them.

Then comes the Megadeth's and Anthrax's of the world.
Far be it from me to start controversy...

Hey I can appreciate Death's technical ability, but does anyone else think a lot of their music is just technical for the sake of being technical. I find it to be a chore to listen to. My biggest beef with them though is that Chuck sound's like a constipated Gremlin. Worst fucking death vocals ever (Dani not withstanding).
Black Heart: Finally someone who knows and love Sadus. I thought I was the only one on the board :p

Gotham: You are forgiven :D

Dune_666: Yeah Chuck sounds like a constipated gremlin but it rules!!! :heh:
Anyone seen the Beavis and Butthead show where they laughed at his vocals? hahaha hilarious