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Jul 31, 2001
Whiterapids, Finland
I just bought Camel's Snow goose yesterday. I Didn't know what
it would sound like, but I was happily surprised!!! It is great!:D Real weird and psychedelic too:loco: I haven't listened to a lot of 70's Prog. Rock, but I think it's about time to start.
Also bought Devy's Terria and it ROCKS!:headbang:
Is that album Nude any good? We've got a surplus of it at my work due to a drunken import buyer, so I'm sure I could get a good price on it.
Yes! I bought Snow Goose on secondhand vinyl not so long ago. I loved what I heard instantly. Original soundscapes and beautiful melodies.. I have only listened to it once though because I don't have my turntable over here ...
As I'm still learning about the whole of Camel's career like the rest of you, my advice on recommendations is a bit limited.

I would definitely recommend Moonmadness next though. Try to get the song Lunar Sea online if you can. I'm positive you won't be disappointed. One last thing... About Moonmadness, in case you haven't heard, this record is indeed a certain someone's favorite album. :) See the "Albums that opeth fans should hear" thread for more.
Originally posted by FleischBrenner
Is that album Nude any good? We've got a surplus of it at my work due to a drunken import buyer, so I'm sure I could get a good price on it.

Nude is my favorite Camel album I have heard yet. It's a concept album about this guy who gets sent off to war, and gets stuck when his troops leave, so he's on this island for a long time. There's some really emotional music on this one, very melodic, and a few tunes that could be considered even almost aggressive, easily metalized with a little distortion. Very cool. Highlights are City life, Drafted, Beached, Relections (Dark!), and Captured (very intense- like metal!)

Check out samples of these on audiogalaxy or something if you're unsure. Very good album.
Scott pretty much said what I was going to.


Give that one a spin! It was the first I bought. Liked it so much I went and got Snow Goose and Mirage since. :) I wanted to get I Can See Your House From Here, but stuck with these. I'd like to get Nude next. :err: Hm. That came out odd.
I heard a while back that the Camel catalog was being remastered this year, but haven't heard a thing about it since. Can anyone confirm this?
Camel are awesome. The first three albums 'Camel', 'Mirage' and 'The Snow Goose' are the best, and similar in mood. Most recommended. Pure beauty.
From 'Moonmadness' onwards (including 'Rain Dances', 'I Can See Your House...' and so on) it was a steady decline into schmaltzy pop-prog. Then they disbanded.
'Rajaz' is their third post-reunion album, and it's their only album which can rival the first three. That one is a must buy too. It's slightly more relaxed, you can see they've grown older, but still beautiful.

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