Can someone tell me the names of opeth's rare songs?


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May 29, 2001
London, England
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i've got the bonus track on Orchid, and the 2 on MAYH, i havent got the one of morningrise which i saw recently but i couldn't afford to buy another copy of that album:) . does anyone also know of any other rare songs? if so please name them.
thanks a lot.:)
The one on morningrise is called eternal sould torture. I downloaded a live song called phantom of the opera, but unless Opeth have had a major change of style and vocalist, this isn't them :mad: Sounds like Iron Maiden to me (as in the songs, and the vocalist)
I actually downloaded a copy of Camel's "Rhayader" that was incorrectly labeled as being by Opeth. I liked it, tho, that's when I first heard of Camel...

Orchid Candlelight rerelease bonustrack: Into the Frost of Winter (or something like that)
Morningrise bonustrack: Eternal Soul Torture... both of these were carved up and parts used mostly in "Advent", methinks.
MAYH bonustracks: "Remember Tomorrow" (Iron Maiden cover - pretty cool) and "Circle of the Tyrants" (Celtic Frost cover)