Apr 14, 2001
Are you still going to the slayer concert and are you still taking your digital camera?
I was thinking of taking a disposable camera or something so I could take pics (do they let you take cameras into the hordern???), but they will probably turn out crappily so I just thought id check whether you were still going to take photos??
yeh, ive just started a new job. So ive been a little busy. Although since saturday night I haven't been online because my crap modem wouldn't connect. Im expecting disconnection any time now :mad:

I think i'll take my digital camera. Bands don't seem to worry about that anymore. Hopefully i'll get some good pics :)
Cool Crossy, glad to see you are still out there! (and is there anything more frustrating than modem problems?? I HATE it when my pc does that kind of thing)

Look for me up the front going nuts (hopefully to the new stuff Tom hinted they will play!) :D
Will you be able to post the pics on here, I was thinking of taking one of those disposable cameras with me, but I dont know if any of the pics would come out, any idea if they would?

Oh yeah, congratulations on the new job!!! :D (Or comiserations if you dont like working there but have to anyway)