Do you listen to any other genres?

Classical, blues, jazz, funk, soul, rock, classic R&B, classic country, American folk, bluegrass, English folk, Celtic folk, punk, avant-garde, and the occasional piece of classic rap/hip-hop.
((What the hell is brony and furry music? That's a cultural trend based on a TV show and fetish, not a collection of traits that define a genre, any music made by a brony or furry would fit into another genre, not make it's own genre.))

Ahem, anyways. I started out with hard rock and prog rock following in my parents footsteps, still the two genres I listen to most other than metal. Branching out has given me a lot of success though, taking up genres metal mixed in, since I'm so dedicated to it. For the most part this is Jazz and Ambient, but independently I've listened to a good amount of classical, which I absolutely adore, but find hard to listen to in my usual environments since I want to listen to it while alone.
Sure. I love a lot of different music. I dig rock music in general. Modern Rock, Classic Rock , Southern Rock, 90's rock/alt stuff, some punk etc. I'm a pretty big Classic/Traditional/Alt country fan. I also like cinematic scores ,dark Americana stuff, old soul and a smattering of blues and old school hip hop.
I have a pretty diverse taste in music. On the more normal side, I like classic rock, blues, classical, folk and world music, a little trip hop. On the weirder side, I like dark ambient, dark wave, witch house, and power violence.
crust punk, hc, d-beat, anarcho punk, powerviolence, grindcore, crustgrind, stenchcore, thrashcore, punk thrash/crossover thrash, some rockabilly, slightly jazz, jazzcore, slightly blues, some eurodance, noisecore/noisegrind, power electronics, synthpop.
If yes, what?

Personally, over 90% of my music listening time is metal (it's just so damn diverse!), all sub-genres except black, power, nu, math and all the "cores." I mostly listen to prog metal/rock, thrash and death.

Other genres that I like include: jazz, blues, rock, classical music, flamenco, a bit grunge, and I don't know what genre they fall under but, Rodrigo y Gabriela. I tried to like other genres like rap and pop, but just couldn't. I'm open to suggestions, however. :)

I like to listen to all kinds. More to love. :)