Does anyone else think that...

Nah the debut KILLS The Last Command!!

Spawny: you have to hear "Flick of the Switch", its like Back In Black part II, sounds very similar! But its heavier (definitely the heaviest AC/DC album), with more attitude and more grooves. I love it! As I said before, Back In Black is a better collection of songs, Flick of The Switch is a better start to finish album with a cooler sound.

And Rock & Roll Over kills Destroyer. Why? Firstly it doesn't have 3 really awful boring songs (Great Expectations, Sweet Pain, Flaming Youth). It actually doesn't really have any filler, strange for Kiss. Secondly it has way better production because it was recorded live in an empty hall and has one of the coolest guitar sounds heard in 1976. And thirdly, songs like Makin Love, Calling Dr Love, Take Me, I Want You, Mr Speed, etc are alot cooler than Shout It Out Loud, King Of The Night Time World, Beth, God Of Thunder, etc. Although Detroit Rock City and Do You Love Me are 2 of my fave Kiss songs ever!

Spiff, you have to hear Slip Of The Tongue! Same style as 1987 (but with a cleaner production and not as heavy distortion), and Steve Vai on lead guitar. It has some of their best songs ever, like the title track, Cheap An' Nasty, Now You're Gone, The Deeper The Love, Sailing Ships and an awesome remake of Fool For Your Lovin' from 1980, it kills the original! One of the best Whitesnake songs ever!
Well to compare the kinda "classic" characteristic Gene songs (even though God Of Thunder is actually Paul's lol)...

Calling Dr. Love absolutely kicks God Of Thunder's ass!!!! That guitar sound in those opening chords alone... phwoar! For 1976 that sounds fucking awesome! That (along with War Machine, Unholy and Not For The Innocent) is one of the only songs that makes me go "yeah! Gene's the man!" because usually I think he sucks :)
Fuck yeah it does!!! Maybe live they are about as good as each other (I still prefer Dr Love though), but the studio versions, Calling Dr Love KILLS God Of Thunder.
God Of Thunder is very overrated.

Not For The Innocent and War Machine are his best tracks!! I never liked his really fast ones though (although Fits Like A Glove is awesome!).

He has some great songs on Hotter Than Hell too: Parasite, Goin' Blind, Watchin' You...
Yeah it's great hahaha.

I'm 93, you're 16! Can't you see I'm goin' bli-ind.... You're much younger can't you seeee

Gene has a thing for 16 year old girls I think.... Goin' Blind, Christine Sixteen... :lol:
Anyone who thinks Rock and Roll Over is better than Destroyer is obviously a sandwich or two short of a picnic hamper. RARO is easily my least favourite vintage KISS album, so much so that I almost didn't buy the remaster and came home very disappointed when it was the only one I could find.

Glenn Hughes did a damn fine job on Seventh Star and was much more suited to the role of Sabbath frontman than Ian Gillan. He would have been even more comfortable if Iommi had let him play bass too.

Back in Black is *way* better than Flick of the Switch. I can only remember the first two songs on that album, and that's not to say I like them.

Headless and Idol are both equally good, and I like the four songs I've heard from the debut as well.

Everything else: Dunno, haven't heard it.

And remember boys and girls, Rock and Roll Over blows goats. That is all :).

Not me! Ill take a real woman any day of the week! :headbang:

Bah, 16, they dont even know which way is up!
Rock & Roll Over is the best '70s Kiss album. The only ones that come close are Paul Stanley, Kiss, Hotter Than Hell and but Rock & Roll Over kills all them them.