Ghost Reveries re-release... when?

Risquit said:
Well, I'm going to be recording the Wiltern show on my cell phone for anybody who wants a copy.

Heh, I'm sure it will be properly recorded by someone. NYC and Chicago were, and Raleigh, if not more.
british broadcasting corporation, many bands do BBC sessions, basically playing music in studios owned by the BBC, generally these tracks are used on BBC radio
Tubbs Mcgee said:
That would be a disappointment to me if all they did was add those 3 songs. Now a STUDIO recording of Soldier Of Fortune would be awesome, but I doubt that would happen.

Although, I would buy the album anyway because I'm a collector. ;)
Have you actually heard the track? The recordings sound so good that they make a studio version of the track unecessary (plus they were live-in-studio tracks...). I'd actually say that the version of When sounds better than the original studio version (although I've only heard it in awful quality). TGC isn't as good as it's studio counterpart because it sucks live. In fact, a good deal of the song sucks period... luckily, it's redeemed by the acoustic guitar part in the verses, the solo, the atmospherics, and some of the middle stuff. It would be pure garbage if not for those (although his growl sounds rad). Anyway, I digress.
From the official site...

Roadrunner records has set the release date for "Ghost reveries" on the 29th of August (Europe and world) + 30th of August for North America. The record will be released on regular Cd, double vinyl as well as a later limited edition hardback deluxe Cd!

Opeth visited the legendary BBC studios in Maida Vale, London/UK to record a couple of songs scheduled to be aired on BBC radio 1 sometime soon. The songs will also be included on the planned special release of "Ghost reveries". The songs recorded: "The grand conjuration", "When" and "Soldier of fortune" (Deep Purple cover).

From Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles...

In other Opeth news, March 28th is the confirmed release date for the Special Edition version of the band’s latest release, Ghost Reveries, via Roadrunner Records.