GMD Poll: Top 10 Metal Albums of 1983

Nothing wrong with Deja Vu, but really, if you're the second-to-last track on an Iron Maiden album, chances are you're a short "rocker" type song that has never been played live and generally considered among the weakest tracks on your respective album. Applies to 82-86, 92, 95, 03, and 06. Though sometimes they put secondary/tertiary singles in that position as well (81, 88, 90, 00, 15).

EDIT: Actually I suppose Bring Your Daughter may have been the lead single to NPFTD, but that is usually considered an album of fillers so whatever. Correction, it was the second single even though it was the more successful one, so yeah. It's pretty easy to predict which songs will be labeled filler on a Maiden album knowing only the tracklist and durations.
Powerslave is the most consistent. By far.

I think Piece of Mind is more consistent, as is Somewhere in Time, only really because I think the instrumental on Powerslave is unnecessary and breaks up the album's flow, for me.

have we spent enough time arguing about a shitty album from an average band? fack

Poseur, the hall exit is that way. Get out.
2) Melissa by Mercyful Fate
Say after me: "My soul belongs to Satan..."


"Mercyful Fate is easily one of the best metal bands of all time, so anyone calling out King Diamond as garbage should probably listen to Melissa over and over until they like it." - @Mort Divine

Chosen by:
Krow (#1)
Slayed Necros (#1)
Phylactery (#1)
Dazed and Brutal (#1)
Mort Divine (#1)
HamburgerBoy (#2)
zerostatic (#2)
Bloopy (#2)
Talos of Atmora (#2)
The Ozzman (#3)
Master_Yoda77 (#3)
Atomic Tide (#3)
alex76 (#3)
Baroque (#5)
rms (#6)

EspaDa (#7)
Vilden (#7)
-CyanideChrist- (#8)
H.P. Lovecraft (n/a)
MELISSA got 150.5 points to PIECE OF MIND's 148 - that shit was close. to contextualise, 4th place CRYSTAL LOGIC only had 124.5, while 8th place INTO GLORY RIDE only had 38.5 lol
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