GMD Poll: Top Ten Albums of 1994

Did rms pass his crack pipe to you? :D

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i'll try and get mine in tomorrow, if i don't post it then i probably won't

I'll at least post this here to remind myself to get fucking with it

1a. Burzum - Hvis Lyset Tar Oss
1b. Dawn - Nær sólen gar niþer for evogher
2. Virgin Steele - The Marriage of Heaven and Hell - Part One
3. Enslaved - Vikingligr Veldi
4. Skyclad - Prince of the Poverty Line
5. Running Wild - Black Hand Inn

i would get a full 10 out, but didn't have the time to give this what i want for it to be as in depth as it should
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1) burzum - hvis lyset tar oss
2) mayhem - de mysteriis dom sathanas
3) thergothon - stream from the heavens
4) septic flesh - mystic places of dawn
5) oxiplegatz - fairytales
6) unholy - the second ring of power
7) infernum - ...taur-nu-fuin...
8) ancient rites - the diabolic serenades
9) gorement - the ending quest
10) rotting christ - non serviam

armored angel - mysterium
blessed sickness - massacre the holy
the chasm - procreation of the inner temple
dawn - nær sólen gar niþer for evogher
emperor - in the nightside eclipse
helheim - niðr ok norðr liggr helvegr
incantation - mortal throne of nazarene
infester - to the depths, in degradation
necromass - mysteria mystica zofiriana
sacramentum - finis malorum

dawn and the chasm are unlucky not to pinch a spot. killer year, i could easily list another 10 or probably 20 i really like.
Surprised you have The Second Ring of Power in your top 10, never gathered that you liked Unholy? Not complaining tho. :)
Haven’t heard the Blessed Sickness or Helheim. Describe please.

Also, surprised not to see Lamentations even make your honourable mentions!
1. Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
Septic Flesh - Mystic Places of Dawn
Burzum - Hvis Lyset Tar Oss
Emperor - In the Nightside Eclipse
Gorement - The Ending Quest
Mortuary Drape - All the Witches Dance
Dawn - Nær Sólen gar Niþer for Evogher
Enslaved - Vikingligr Veldi
Rotting Christ - Non Serviam
Infester - To the Depths, in Degradation

Honourable mentions:

Shub Niggurath - Evilness and Darkness Prevails
Uncanny - Splenium for Nyktophobia
Mystic Charm - Shadows of the Unknown
Castle - Castle
The Chasm - Procreation of the Inner Temple
Gorgoroth - Pentagram
Darkthrone - Transilvanian Hunger
Incantation - Mortal Throne of Nazarene
Necromass - Mysteria Mystica Zofiriana
Sacramentum - Finis Malorum
Timeghoul - Panoramic Twilight
Forgotten Woods - As the Wolves Gather
Abigor - Verwustung/Invoke the Dark Ages
Graveland - Carpathian Wolves
Cenotaph - Riding Our Black Oceans
Solstice - Lamentations

Sorry, didn't have enough time to order this except the number 1 pick!

I really enjoy the Dutch style of death/doom like that Mystic Charm and Castle.