Guitar related question...


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I feel like a bit of a dumbarse having to ask, but I guess it's the best way...

I just bought a new Boss distortion pedal (MT-2, Metal Zone) and am wondering what settings should I be using (on amp and pedal) to get a meaty thick sound outta the amp whilst still having the powerful distortion from the pedal heard.

So far I have only been able to get good sounds out of one or the other, and can't get em to work together. :confused:
Ok the most important thing is for the Level control on the pedal to be right because that controls how loud the distortion is in comparison to your clean sound with the pedal off.

Now what have as my settings for the pedal (i have a MetalZone too) is Level between 1 oclock and 2 oclock, High is full, Low about the same as level, the outer thing on the Mid also about the same as the level (is that the mid frequency?), the inner thing on the Mid all the way down (great thrash sound, scooped out mids), and the distortion full.

Amps it depends on what you play through so I don't know, i generally have the mid, bass and treble about the same as on the pedal though.

And the other thing is, yeh keep the amp at a clean tone, no distortion, and just use the pedal for distortion. And when the pedal isnt on, it has no effect on th the cealn tone obviously, so just find whatever is the best clean tone, then find the best distortion on your pedal that suits it.
If you want a meatier sound, put the bass up a bit more, or fill out some of the mids. If you have too much bass and too much mid though you'll sound like Korn or something hahahaha.... I like to keep the sound fairly edgy and scooped.
For my banjo I use the HeavyAsFuck pedal. It's great because I'm in a death metal band with ex-members of Bananarama, and it really beefs up the sound.