Hello, Hello, Hello, is there anybody in here?

Mr. Hyde

Guitar, Bass
Apr 27, 2001
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Is anyone currently doing any recording? I mean has anyone actually put fingers to strings hit record and made some sound lately? :lol:
...sadly, I have not. :cry: ...pretty bad eh?

I still need to record the beast solo...and waiting on crossy to record his rhythm parts.

Other than that, I like what I heard with your reach out demo. I definately think you are onto something there. It kinda cheezes me off that it took you less than 24-hours to figure out something I STILL have not nailed down (after weeks)...but as long as you are willing to share the knowledge...no hard feelings. :D :p
Ooops...sorry MM.

I have mailed Hyde on the side asking for help tabbing/figuring out reach out on guitar. Its pretty quirky....and I was having a hell of a time getting the nuances down.

So...24 hours later, Hyde sends me a mix of him playing along to the CD...and I think he pretty much nailed it. Its nothing you would be interested in . I am still waiting on you to record drums before that project gets underway. =)

...maybe Mr. Hyde would like to lay down a bass track and one of the guitar tracks with me?
I sure am. In fact, your drum track might help me work out the song. Timing is funky in certain parts of the song too...so forcing myself to play to drums only will certainly help.

Whenever you can get to it mate!
My voice is finally back to form. I got a chance to do a bit of recording on Sunday and I bounced between I've Got the Fire, Chemical Wedding, and Icarus. None are complete yet but I'm getting there....
I just got the gear from me mate.

You can expect to get at least my Wasting Love and IGTF tracks tomorrow.
Ok, glad everyone is still alive!!:lol:

Rabies: I'd like to do the bass and one guitar on reach out.

....aw shucks....kicks dirt...blushing...I just seem to be able to figure things out sometimes....if it makes you feel better....I've been trying for years to accurately figure out some parts to bark at the moon, and I still haven't done it!!
working on futureal bass...
well, but it'll take some time as i'm the first 3 weeks in august on holiday...