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Miserable Bastard
Apr 16, 2001
Enfield, South Australia
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I avoided this band for years because I thought they played the sort of growly vocal/death metal music that I really don't like listening to. Now I've been led to believe otherwise, could someone offer a few thoughts on which of their albums an old-school relic like me might enjoy?

For a more old-school sound, you should definitely get the album Practice What You Preach. It doesn't have any of the growl-type vocals at all, just clean singing. Although Chuck Billy's voice isn't the greatest on this album, the excellent guitar work certainly makes up for it. The album reminds me a little of Metallica's Master of Puppets, actually. If you like old-school metal, I would recommend this album.
I always thought that too wrathchild......i may have to add PWYP to my albums to get list then! Did they change the vocal style or something for future albums?, i was sure it was deathmetalcookiemonsterchokingonacatgrowling (tm) :D
Only the last three Testament albums (and two live one's) contain the growling vocals - which I like sometimes.

The Legacy, The New Order, Practive What You Preach and Souls Of Black all all 'early Metallica' styled thrash metal - the latter two being more melodic than the first 2.

Think of The Ritual (1992?) as Testament's version of 'Countdown To Extinction'. Just like Megadeth (and Metallica too I guess. wtf was up with 1992?) it was a step in a different direction - ok, but not as good as Countdown or Black. Vocals still normal, probably Chuck best.

Then came Low, Demonic and The Gathering. All three are great, Low being my fav'. But if you're not into the deathy sound vocals, then don't bother. (I think you're missing out big time, especially with Low, but I'm not going to push you into them :) )
Thanks, Sydo. I was going to pick up their best-of, but on second thoughts I don't think I'll worry. I still have to get "Accident of Birth", "Chemical Wedding", the Ozzy/Randy live album "Tribute" and a dash of Queensryche too. All this before the new Iced Earth CD comes out! I'll have to put my chequebook of life support before long :).