How much do you REALLY pay attention to what you're listening to?

IOfTheStorm said:
When i listen to music, i (usually) just listen to music and dont do anything else at the same time. This is the ONLY way you can appreciate music. But of course most of you didnt really listen to music before the InTeRnEt soo...
haha, this is gold, GOLD!

i started on 8-track btw. :headbang:
Well, I just listened to a CD by Dornenreich just staring at the ceiling and... WOW! A RED PENCIL ON MY DESK!
once I was NAD said:
btw, BUSHWACKERS rule. didnt he open beers with his teeth or something?
Yes I do a lot of staring around or just laying on my bed. Dozing off to music has been on the agenda more than once too, even the toughest shit. I don't usually drag music around, though I have great reminiscence of, say, Lunar Aurora in the park at duskfall - I just don't like to take cds out of the room.
Ellestin said:
I just don't like to take cds out of the room.

And this is where the joy of mp3 players takes over. You can save your CDs for home listening. And if you do high bitrate rips of your CDs, then you don't have to worry about it sounding like shite. At least not to the human ear.
i was listening to Kid A while paying bills and talking on the phone with Capital One. really got the whole point of it all this time!