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dorian gray

Returning videotapes
Apr 8, 2004
haha, this is an email i sent my HOA this weekend. i am...urrr...was the Treasurer. I got into an email fight with some fag neighbor about something i wrote in this. is it rude to any of you? we're still having a gay email battle but ive destroyed him in every one - because theres nothing in this that is rude.

"hey everyone,

if you are using or plan to use direct deposit to pay your dues, please send me an email or better yet, a paper copy, documenting when your payment was deposited. our bank statements dont reflect where a payment came from, so i have no way to keep track of who made a deposit and when. ill have to assume your dues werent paid until i see proof.
so far, three of you are doing it. if anyone else wants to, just let me know and ill get you the account number.
also, every unit owes dues for april and several of you owe for march. one of you owes for about six months. i want to go to the bank this week, please get checks to me.

thanks in advance

ps: i promised some of you paper copies of your accounts. i am out of paper right now so i will try and get some this week.
ill send everyone who didnt get my speadsheet attachment an email with the amount they owe here shortly."

thanks! ill post my gay (always important to clarify this) neighbors response sometime later and see what you guys think
I think it rules you don't use captial letters even when doing official work shit.

Did they take offense to the "one of you owes from back in 19-dickity-2" bit? I could see how some worm would get all butthurt about that. But no, not offensive at all. Get that backhoe that was in yer backyard and raise some cain. That would rock.
lol @ you guys. yeah, it was the 19-dickety-2 comment:

"First of all, their is no reason to point out that I owe 6 months thats pretty stupid...I think everyone could see that for them selves...I dont really understand the reason behind that statement..Was it to point out that Im way behind to try to embarass me well it didnt...It actually pissed me off.....The money will be in your mailbox in about 2 seconds....."

haha this morning i got an email that said something about i better say stuff to his face
man, i love HOAs
meh, that guy who got pissed is an overreactive cry baby, if I was to work with this guy, I would sure as hell tell him to grow some balls. You didn't mention any name, so I don't know why he's taking it so badly. Fuck him. What a whiner.
HOA = homeowners association, yeah. real dumb but necessary in some places.
heh, yeah, everyone already knew he owed for six months because i sent out an email earlier in the month.
last year, this one couple owed >$700 and when it was brought up they were like, "oh! we forgot!" then a few more months went by before any payment was made hahaha this place is hilarious
the guy who sent me the email has since challenged me to "say it to his face" hahaha if i get in a duel, ill have the wife take some pics
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