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God of woop-ass
Jul 17, 2004
Someone asked if anyone was going to put everyones posts from the 3 word story together. Well in my other forum we did something similar but we were not restricted to 3 words... here is the first 3 pages out of the 15.


Once upon a time, in a big house, set on the edge of a deserted beach there lived a Bloodthirsty demon, covered in flames and carrying a large sharp instrument he used to pick his nose when Harry Potter crawled out of the floor-boards, he was with his spazzo friends. Harry challenged the Demon to a duel. The Demon said "damn cockroaches" and the the minor flame that accidently came out from the demons mouth engulfed poor Harry in flames. "goddammit" the demon says I really wanted to try my new spell on him, what the spell does is turn speccy little dorks into a herd of cows. The Demon sat down and decided it was time to have is lunch so he unpeeled his banana when all of a sudden he released another demon which was disguised as the banana. The banana demon was no other than Harry Potter's homosexual lover, Frodo Baggins and he was out for revenge. I picked up a flaming stick, which happened to be lying about as these things do, and repeatidly mauled his head with it, until it was a bloody mess, but then Frodo got a little turned on by the now chared bloody stick and preformed an act of Sodom with it, This Lead to a screeming orgasm that smashed all the glass in the house And US secretary of state Colin Powell ordering an airstrike on the daemon. Unfortunately they had no vbombs, so instead dropped millions of exploding Bananas which scattered over the Hills like Snow thus causing Saddam Hussain to stand up, shake his fist at the departing planes and say your Mothers all were Strrrrumpets! He then decided to team up with Osama and Film the new version of Thelma and Louise.....Called "Saddam and Osama".....This film caused a an outragec in the western world, but was a best seller in Iran and Korea Where they particularly enjoyed the scen where George W Bush acts as Your Mum going down on a three foot green hamster which was playing snooker at the time, the hamster was quite taken aback by this development and said You're one Ugly Muthugga The hamster, whose name is Morris, was having trouble speaking. This was because his mouth was full of bacon flavour rice cakes. The next sentance he uttered sounded vavuely like a threat but only the mice from number 22 mafeking terrace could understand what he actually said. One of the mice, who was attending a wedding next door said ARRRRR SAYYYYTARN!!!! and that caused the other mice to implode, cousing a rift in the space/time continuum, the whole cast of charactors were thrown backwards in time and ended up in Your mum's house, where they ate spaghetti bolognese laced with elephant trunk and snowman spunk which oddly enough tasted and looked like tapiaca pudding. Saddam and the demon then retired upstairs to er listen to some records. Osama become jealous, he teamed up with Frodo and Hijacked a Zeppelin and flew it into the side of Saddam's house but because Saddam's house house was made out of gingerbread, the zepplin just bounced off The Sticky Anthrax icing on saddams house And became stuck in a potato tree, where indiana jones and luke skywalker decided to throw cheese at them, and as a result, the zeplin fell out of the tree, causing a earth quake in china, and now the chinees have no homes, and they all have SARS, the president of china Shot him self in the head for finally realising that China really is a fucking Shite Country with far too many people The vice president realised that he had to solve the population problem once and for all. So he built a shrinking machine, using a microwave oven and lego. The Chinese people were then led into this machine and were shrunk to the size of mice. He then packed them up into little boxes and exported them to the UK. Spray thousands of tons of Pepper over the entire nation thus causing everyone to sneeze simultaniously thus blowing the Earth further out into Space from the sun and bringing about a new Ice Age.
And we continue our story ten thousand years into the future.... and Penguins have taken over the Earth and Humans are used for Slave Labour but we shall re-take a presius world, the penguins have 1 ultra weekness, they all are Allergic to diet coke And Pringles especially the mexican1s, they burn there beaks off without which they are defenseless, thus allowing mankind to revolt indeed, the penquins find the humans Very revolting and start de-toxing the humans and painting them with dead fish after which the Penguins, using their dead fish coated human slaves, construct a giant ice ziggurat and then prepare to coat it red in human blood during the... *spooky reverb* sacrifice. whick would bring then end of the penguin world, but they would be replaced by The nanotech horror of grey goo syndrome.