what do men want after all?

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yeah, i really hate attitudes like that. i s'pose i'm kind of lucky 'cos very few people i know are actually like that, but not many of them would be quite willing to just make love with one woman in their whole life. i would be.......

well I know what are you saying! To be honest neither I was so willing to have sex only with one man...
But now that I think about some things. Much much and good sex with one person is better than changing lover every night!
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hmmm... what do men want: Samba Girl!!! :lol: :lol: :loco: :loco:
ok Salma Hayk, Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz would do too :p

why I knew what Hearse wants anyway! :D :deb:
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if "after all" means what i think it means -- what men want is a NAP!:)

:lol: Indeed! You guys are soooooo boring sometimes! :p
Sometimes you dont miss a chance sleeping when you are still awake! no? :lol:
An other one question! Why do men love slagging the ego of a woman?

esp if that woman was willing to help em and stand for them.
We are not items that can put up everything! Patience has always a limit!
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hmmm... I cannot speak for all, but for me...
I don't do it on purpose... I'm just stupid, fool who don't know how to speak up my own thoughts...

That's the problem with most guys Hearse then. Including you. You dont know how you should talk then.

Unfortunately I've met only few guys that can respect you as a person. Those are usually much older than you, or just very intelligent and had a really hard life.

Well some more attention it wont harm anyone.