If Opeth never made another album.....


May 11, 2001
Gray, Tennessee
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......where would they rank in metal history? I would have to put them way, way up there considering the albums they have put out to this point are all fantastic. What does everybody else think? Would they be talked about or would people just forget about them? I know I wouldn't.
People would most likely forget about them since they would probably create new bands. Of course us hardcore fans of them would be very depressed. I would throw all of my support behind Vintersorg, he is number 2 on my list.
I think if Opeth stopped making albums today, they would slowly be discovered, becoming more and more popular. Their music is transcendent of genre and time - I know that as long as metal exists in its current state, Opeth have the edge.

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Well with me, they will always be the best band on the face of the earth....and will always be so.....until someone comes along and makes better music, it will stay that way. If they never made another album, or if they came out with a really bad one, I would still put their work up as the best.
It would be a sad day.

The Martins would probably join other bands, I would think, but I don't know about Peter. From what I've read he's going to school and might not want to be a metal musician all his life. Mikael, though, I don't think could stop making music. He'd probably either start a new band, or more likely, start making solo records and "project bands" and such. I think we'll be hearing music from him for many many years to come... let's just hope it's with Opeth for as long as possible (or until they have run their course, I suppose).

I think Opeth would continue to be discovered by new people and continue to sell records long after their "demise". To what degree, though, I think will be largely affected by the next generation of metal bands. The more bands that come to the metal spotlight in coming years with Opeth as their primary influence, the more legendary a memory Opeth will have.
One of the greatest thing about Opeth is that they have practically started a new genre of music and a new way of thinking in terms of writing music. Opeth's music is like a collage of all sorts of elements from many different metal genres. Now we are starting to see new bands, influenced by Opeth, that are in some ways similar to Opeth but add some uniqueness of their own. I think this is great. Opeth will be remembered as a legend, an originator.