Another New Opeth Album? an interview, peter said that they would go back home after the australian tour, then take a brake....and he said that late this year is a possibility....that seems pretty fast to me...but then again, look how often they tend to push out albums....usualy at least once a year.....and their recording process is usually only a few weeks.

Hehe maybe in 2010 it will again get regurgitated? Or 2009 (Mikey, get your recording shoes on!)?
The Next album might come quicker than we thought. THe path between GR and Watershed was huge since they got so much trouble with Lopez leaving and peter leaving. They played extended tours, done the gigantour, etc. I saw in an interview than this time they dont want to add 2nd or 3rd legs in their tour. I think It will have only 1 US leg and maybe 2 european. Mike and Axe are going in studio at the end of the summer to record the new bloodbath. The next opeth my come soon in 2010 or maybe the end or 2009.
This thread is amazing. Electronic archaeology, ffs. Well, I'd rather have them digging up old shit than posting new shit.