In Flame's future?


Everything is said and done
They did well until Reroute to Remain, the worst pop-metal album of all time... Clayman is barely ok
A couple old songs. They were playing Graveland last time I saw them. Behind Space was sort of their Iron Maiden - played it at every show ever - up till a couple tours ago. They were doing a 45 minute set promoting a new album, so they didn't get much old stuff in, but their headlining sets seem to be about half pre-Clayman stuff (That's how I delineate between new and old for them). Also, when I saw them live they were pretty tight. From performances I've seen on youtube I would say they're average as a live band, although part of it has to do with a lot of their songs not really benefiting from the live environment.

Jesper Stromblad wasn't playing, he was undergoing therapy for alcohol abuse or something like that. THat would've probably been a factor for their lack of tightness.
He was awesome in Jag Panzer. I had no idea he was with Megadeth though. I don't like Megadeth.