Industry of cool!


Jul 21, 2001
"Metal is dead.The whole metal thing is over.You got here just in time for the death rattle.Last gasp,last grope.It has just become an industry of cool.And they will ruin everything we love about metal"

1.Which movie is this taken from(they use the word rock instead of metal)
2.And what do you think,how is the metal scene today.Is it getting better or worse?
3.And what will be the next big thing in metal,the next trend?
Almost Famous? Good film!

I think the "underground" metal scene is doing pretty well. It's certainly better than it was when I got into it, 4 or 5 years ago. As long as good music is available for me to buy and indulge in, I think it's great.
Metal is going strong. 1999 in particular was a great year for metal... the boundaries are being pushed in all directions and influences are coming in from everywhere. The fact that the "Nu Metal" scene exists conveniently keeps the consumerist public pacified and unaware of what real metal is so that it remains in the hands of those few who love, appreciate, and know what to do with it, rather than large, greedy corporations ready to tone it down and sell it right out. Metal in it's present state - created by people who love it for what it is for themselves and for other people who love it for what it is, is more prosperous than any number of dollars could possibly reflect.

And, Almost Famous was great. I loved that they played Zep's "Tangerine" near the end - it was the perfect song for that moment.