JST Conquer All vs Rosen Digital IR Shootout


Jul 3, 2014
Hey guys, I just bought Joey Sturgis Tones' "Conquer All" IR pack and did a quick shootout along side with my current favorite IRs from Rosen Digital. You IR people would totally be interested in how they hold up against each other, so check it out!

First section contains some technical note-y riffing, while the later is merely chugging and leads.
The song is from my album Patterns, check my signature if anyone's interested. Thx :)

Originally I used different amp settings as well as different EQ on each IRs, and didn't really compare the same identical cab model. Thought I should re-do the comparison after playing with these IRs and the different amps and amp settings some more. So here it is. It's the same SoundCloud link as attached but already updated.

In the clip the same exact amp sim (all Ignite Amps Emissary), same setting, and same post-EQ (just a touch) are used. The only difference is the IRs themselves. Rhythm tones are all using Mesa Oversized Rectifier from both Rosen Digital and JST, Marshall 1960 from both end on leads.

The sonic character from both company are really different, I tried my best finding the right amp and amp setting for both IRs, and landed on Emissary. I do believe these IRs require different amps (with different distortion character) and settings to really reach their full potential though. But for the sake of fair comparison, let's just stick to Emissary.

As you can already hear, Conquer All has TONS mid-range and sounds very tight and focus, Rosen's IRs are a bit scooped in comparison but also rawer, bigger and more brutal sounding imo.

Bear in mind that the rest of the mix weren't designed to fit the guitars but the opposite, I do believe both IRs can sound incredible in proper designed mix.

Anyway, hope you guys find this interesting!
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Rosen sounds a lot better IMO. They are making some nice IR. I bought the Carvin and the EVH. Both sounds killer.
Well, with mixing and tweaking I started to like JST Conquer All pack. It's just that Rosen are more ready out of the box.
Don't know yet which is better for the final result, need more tweaking.
Thanks for the feedback guys.
Imo, each IR will require dedicated amp and amp setting, since they're really different EQ wise. I'd personally use a more gritty, aggressive sounding amp with Rosen's Mesa, but smoother, Marshall-ish sounding amp with JST's Mesa, to complement the character of the IRs better.
I'm sure both can sound incredible with proper designed mix.