Metal Gods tour info

Johnny T. said:
Yeah man, the Florida dates fucking rule. Now I plan to go to each of them. However... I don't know that I can actually afford the cover. Does anyone know what it's gonna be? But It's not for another month, which means I can save up and spend it then. It'd be worth it.

I'm not sure if the price is going to vary pending on the venue, but Agora in Cleveland are charging $27 ADV and $30 DOS. That right there killed me. Finally scrounged up enough money to stay somewhere that night (since it's a 7 or 8 hour trip up there) but the tickets are twice as much as I expected. Fucked out of a damn good show again.
That's not expensive at all. To go to Halford, Testament, Death Angel, Vio-lence, Exhumed at House of Blues in HOllywood was $65 day of show (it was sold out though) and that same show (but including Impaled and Cattle Decapitation) at Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco a little over a week ago were $55 a piece, also sold out. It varies a LITTLE because of the venue, but I'd be jumping for joy if a show here were that cheap! :) But really, I do know what you mean. None of us are rich. But think of the lineup! That's some of the biggest names for a cheap price. Back in the day you'd see two of these bands for that price when they played MUCH larger places. How big is the Agora? It hold around 1,700 people right?
1,700 sounds like a good estimate to me though it might be a little more. It's split into two parts. The ballroom and the theatre with the theatre being much larger. The Metal Gods show is using both stages which sucks since I would have to miss one band I liked to see the other. Obviously, the band playing during AA's set would just have to deal without me. :)

I'd pay $30 bucks for this line-up without thinking about it. Hell, I would pay twice that if I had the money. That's just the problem. All of my money is coming from an upcoming birthday and graduation and it's not amounting to what I need. Perhaps I can still go if I can convince my friend to go and pay for half of the hotel/gas.