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I'm not familiar with Worm Gear, but most 'zines are printed in pretty limited runs (fucking costly affair these days), so back issues are sometimes a bit tricky to obtain. In terms of high quality 'zines in the past few years, I highly recommend The Sinister Flame, Gallery of the Grotesque, Oaken Throne and Negura. All those are extremely professional and packed with content. The couple of issues of Bylec-Tum I have are also good, as is the smaller Kaleidoscope. There's also a satanic Aussie rag called Yersinia Pestis which has some cool material, but is a bit inconsitent.

See my sig for my 'zine (Northern Shadows). :oops:

You've got mail......
I could not agree more. Worm Gear used to be the absolute best, until they stopped with the paper distribution. It was HUGE, and totally packed with reviews. I loved it.

Does anyone know of any decent print zines that still distribute, and will mail on request? The guy from Worm Gear was pretty good about that, you just asked him to send you the last couple of issues, and if you slipped him a couple bucks for shipping he would take good care of you.

Any info much appreciated.

Try there, ask Scott for some, I'm sure he'd be obliged if he still has a couple. Cheers.

Edit: As for another site, I wrote a few reviews for this site before going AWOL (because the reviewers couldn't write for shit and they fucked up their genres way too much and also they review a shitload of rock and bad stuff now and don't deserve that domain name):
I use Satan Stole My Teddy Bear sometimes, Metal Observer, Metal Archives, and Sputnik Music (because it's tied in with another forum I post at). Oh and Amazon too, heh.
ROFLMFAO at metal-observer

talk about complete Fucking retards... they give St. Anger the same score as ...And Justice for all (9.5/10)

metal-archives is pretty good generally speaking - sometimes you have morons who go on there and bash bands just because they're style of music doesn't appeal to them (see opeth) but usually it's pretty good
Actually I think this website (Ultimate Metal) has some fairly accurate reviews. Otherwise I check on M-A and see if reviewers know what they're talking about... but generally paper magazines are my main source.
Of course I like my own website (see my sig) - sorry for the shameless self promotion - but if you know another website which lets the reviewer determine the genre of the album and compile his ratings as a forum signature, please let me know! ;-)
I generally don't read reviews as I'd rather download the album and give it a complete listen before I shell out any kind of money. When I do read reviews, it's usually here (UM) or at
Am I the only one that goes from site to site like amazon and allmusic just sampling things.I'll listen to the snippets and get what i like, i was never one to take very many peoples opinions seriously.