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May 28, 2003
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Just many of you think Metallica is still kicking ass and going strong? My personal opinion is that they keep getting BETTER and I love ST ANGER just as much as the Cliff albums...I really do. Or are you on the other side of the fence and think that Metallica died when Cliff did? And please only answer if you "grew up" with metallica. In other words, if you have only discovered their music in the last couple are not an authority on the subject and cannot compare the joy you got when you first put the needle on Master Of Puppets to opening the "metallicavault" for the first time with your copy of St Anger. LIFELONG FANS ONLY...........................

also, again I feel the need to compare St Anger to Justice for All...I see similarities...the drum sounds (being not overly produced) the tempos, etc.
lol Man I liked the idea that they wanted to do something heavier but with exception of Sweet Amber which is a Great tune I really just though it sounded to much like Sliptallica and I remember Buying and listening to master of puppets when I was about 12 I got caught trying to steal a def leppard tape but the metallica was mine so I had that adrenaline buzz you get at that age and you just got caught and I poped that fucker in and it scared the shit out of me .....The Heaviest thing I had heard at that point was like Motley and GnR so it had a profound effect on me I knew I had found my music ..... advance through the next 10 years Dissapointment after Disapointment which drove me to discover new bands like Iced Earth and the likes ... but after 10 years the awwww and respect I had for them is pretty much gone and I think that St.Anger was an attempt to make more money ..... Tho the Vault Was fucking cool!
Ah, Ted, I know you love Metallica, I also picked up St. Anger.
I have to be honest, when I heard it I was "liking" what I heard
as far as the heaviness, but I shortly grew tired of it & ripped the disc,
ripped the audio off the dvd onto cdr, and off they wnet into the archives, and St. Anger was sold used to my buddy that owns his shop. And there it sat, for two whole months until some poor bastid bought it & then promptly, returned the next day to sell it back. My bud said "I'll pass on it." The guy asked "why?" He answered, "becuase it's a stinker." While the record was interesting at first, there's so much stuff out there these days that bands can't afford to stray too far from what once made them what they are. The fans will turn on your ass, St. Anger is a prime example.
so the swine and JD are among the "they suck" pollers. which is all good to there ANYBODY out there, though, that feels the way I do??? I am obviously the minority...I just like to hear the opinions of REAL metalheads.
Wait a minute, I wouldn't say "they suck," it's just this, I will remember them for what they once were. I mean, it's similar to those that prefer Roth with Van Halen, they are remember what they were then, and then there's people that love evrything they did, including that horrid Diver Down & Balance records!
With the success of "One" and the video, I think Metallica decided to go for the big money and attract a wider audience with the "black" album. They went from a progressive thrash band to a basic metal/hard rock band. They succeeded in drawing a bigger fan base, but they did that at the expense of many of their "old" fan base. I don't like the Metallica post AJFA. The Black album was fair and at least had fairly well written songs, though very simplistic for Mrtallica, but I find everything they released after that to be unworthy of a purchase. I have never owned any of them.

tedvanfrehley said:
Or are you on the other side of the fence and think that Metallica died when Cliff did?
Exactly... I've never been a huge tallica fan anyway, except from "Ride the Lightning" which I still find mind blowing.
Big fan of the old stuff but I feel they lost it after Justice. Because I'm a fan I have listened to all of the albums that came out after Justice but haven't really like any of them. I downloaded St. Anger (which I usually never do) and couldn't believe how absolutely shit-terrible that album was. I tried to like it and I wanted to like it, but at the end of the day, it stands as one of the worst albums I have ever heard. I have no faith in them anymore.
When I first picked up St Anger I wanted to like, if for no other reason than that they were trying something new (for them ), but at the end of the day it's just a bad album. I was a HUGE matallica fan in the 80's, saw them on the Puppets tour and the And Justice tour, but every since the black album I could care less. When the black album came out I fucking hated them!!!! That album is shit from start to finish in my book. But after that I didn't care anymore.... I don't like them anymore, I don't hate them anymore, I just don't care.

Ted, it's cool that you still like them, in a way I wish I still did since they were so important to me in the 80's, but I think thay are just followers now, not leaders like they used to be.
Metallica was the band that got me listening to metal. I used to listen to a lot of grunge/alternative music when I was a kid. Anyway, Metallica is one of my fave bands in the world and still are to this day. I actually do like St. Anger. I think it's a great album. Metallica's the only band I know who can write any type of music and still make it sound good. I love 'em no matter what. :headbang:
AHA! Take that, playa haters! haha

Greeno, Swine, JD and Co. I do appreciate the honesty and I expected to get fully slammed on this post but I just thought maybe the love/hate ratio was closer to 50/50. It seems the majority have written the boys off....

Well, I know you guys are all still die hard KISS fans, so I'm ok! hahahahaha (sarcasm...)
damn, touchy subject for many, the music didn't die after Cliff did, it died when they cut their hair and changed the sound. When they cared more about making money then the music or fans it becomes nothing important. I'm keeping it simple to avoid arguements.
Sorry Ted, I downloaded St Anger, listened & deleted it. I do love their first 3 albums though.
delize said:
Sorry Ted, I downloaded St Anger, listened & deleted it. I do love their first 3 albums though.
Same here, and honestly I couldn't even listen to the whole album, after 3 or 4 songs I was done :ill:
I guess they hadn't played so messy and sung so off key 'til their first rehearsal ever... but maybe the rest of the album is a masterpiece :p

Anyway, to each its own, don't get depressed Ted :D