Power Quest Press Release April 2016


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Jan 8, 2002
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It's not an April Fools joke, it's not a rumour, the hype is real! Power Quest has returned after a 3 year absence from the scene and are currently working on new material for the sixth PQ record.
Band leader Steve Williams had this to say.

"I'm genuinely thrilled to be bringing PQ back from the shadows. I've had a lot of ups and downs over the past few years but I cannot wait to unleash the new line up. The atmosphere in the rehearsal room over the past couple of months has been electric and it feels great to be back doing what I love most.”

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Alongside Steve are Power Quest stalwarts Rich Smith (drums), Gav Owen (guitar) and Paul Finnie (bass). Completing the new look line up are Dan Owen (guitar and twin brother of Gav) and new vocalist Ashley Edison who also fronts UK outfit Dendera.

Check out the video below to catch up with what's going on, why the band are back and what the future holds.

A headline show at Camden Underworld in London has been confirmed for Saturday September 10th 2016 where the band will be joined by some very special guests. Further live dates will be announced in the coming months.

The band has parted ways with Napalm Records but would like to thank them for all their work in the past. Discussions regarding new label partnerships will begin in due course.

Massive thanks to all our fans who have kept the PQ flame burning these past few years and we can't wait to see you all on the road! The Quest MUST go on!

Keep in touch with all things Power Quest via the following websites.

Official website: http://www.power-quest.co.uk
Facebook: https://facebook.com/powerquestofficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/powerquestband
Ultimate Metal: http://www.ultimatemetal.com/forum/forums/power-quest

Man, this is such awesome news. Power Quest is a diamond in the rough and I'm SO HAPPY to see the band come back. Blood Alliance was an incredible effort especially given the events leading up to it and I've been dreaming for years what a follow-up would sound like. This is exactly what I was hoping for. I'm having a Power Quest marathon right now, starting with Wings of Forever. I FUCKING LOVE THIS BAND!

Welcome to the band, Dan and Ashley! I cannot wait to see what chemistry the twin guitarists have, and how Ashley's powerful voice sounds with the band. Welcome back, Rich, Paul, and Steve!

You absolute BEAUTY Steve!

Stayed up to watch the announcement, you should've seen my smile when it turned out not to be an April Fool's joke! Unbelievably thrilled as you can all imagine! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

My favourite band of all time has come back from the dead...who could've predicted this day would come?! This is literally a prayer answered!

The split was a devastating time on these very boards, a real punch to the gut of us all. But we stuck together and now out of that the blood alliance rises again!

Extremely excited to see what the new lineup can deliver. Great to see Animal and Paul again! I've heard Dan's playing and I know the twin shredmeisters will deliver the goods. Also seen Dendera live and they're great. I'm sure Ashley will be a worthy addition especially if he can master the high notes on the PQ classics.

I NEED TO KNOW WHEN TICKETS GO ON SALE FOR THAT CAMDEN GIG! I'll be ticket #1 right down the front for sure :D
Thanks Dom! In the darkest times you guys here have kept the spirit of all things PQ alive and now it's our turn to return the favour, so to speak :)

I'll let you know the details for the London show asap......shouldn't be long before tickets are available for that one!
This news has made me so happy! Incredible excited for some new PQ material and the new line-up, a mixture of new and familiar faces.

Despite being lucky enough to see PQ live several times, I haven't ever seen them down London way...think it's time for me to correct that!
I'd be so down if I can afford it and get over a fear of planes and heights - not likely, but I'm seriously looking into expediting a passport just for the occasion :)
In my excitement last night I forgot to watch the video!

It's great to hear from the guys. Even better knowing Ashley is a fan of the band and it means a lot to him to sing for the group. Did I correctly hear you guys practicing Temple of Fire somewhere in the clips? :)

Cannot wait for album news...
This is the best news ever!! Looking forward to the gig, tickets already booked. 10th September can't come quick enough. Like I've already said Steve, got something to aim towards. Woo hoooooo.
Like 1928 said, great to see the guys in the video. And it's even better to see all the positive comments on Facebook too.
Looking forward to hearing news on the next album :) have a great weekend guys :)
I know this is way ahead of things but do you think there might be a few shirts accompanying the album release? If/when I get my mitts on a PQ shirt I'm wearing that sucker to every concert :) Gotta spread the good word, haha!
What can I say? This news is better than anyone could have hoped for. I imagined there would be a live album or something along that line, but a reunion? Or a revival? In any case, I am VERY HAPPY. Thank you for soldiering on, boys! Consider your every burp, fart and sip from the proverbial well of (souls) inspiration on pre-order! WELCOME BACK! :headbang:
Great to feel the positive vibes guys :)

I'm sure there will be album related merchandise once the time comes and I'll be doing my level best to make sure there are some items available before then, certainly in time for the show in September.

On that front it would be great to hear what you guys would like to see. By the way, did you like the new PQ emblem logo? I thought this would open up some merchandise avenues as well that will be cheaper to produce and consequently cheaper for you all as well.
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So glad of these news:) Can't wait for new material Steve!

As for the new logo - I like it. I thought it needed an update back when Blood Alliance was released, and I think that it fits quite good with the revival of the band!
A PQ wristband would be, as you say over there, ace ;) Quite happy I still have my Power Quest hat... would buy anything, really, especially with that cool new/alternate logo!