Question to Mikael about the Deliverance riff

Sure! No hardfeelings. I know how moderators can be misunderstood... (and how tempting power is) :)
And I think opeth's latest is not their best, but they are nowhere near sellouts!!!
Anyway, back to the deliverance riff. Has anyone tried any modifications on it? It's such a complicated thing, and it seems it's so balanced and fragile that one note more or less will break it apart. However I'm not a great drummer, and the other day while I was playing it I got lost for a moment and took an extra hit or two that sounded great (IMO at least). You will just have to wait until I record it so no one steals my arrangement :) But I, as a musician/producer, loooove challenges like that. Modify a very complex riff and still make it sound great, using odd chord progressions and "soft them" with harmonies and melodies... etc.
Btw... I'm going to edit your OP in the interest of fairness and consistency. You may want to make another post in the proper section for forum member feedback....and I might suggest looking up Mike on myspace and sending him a message there if you want to point him to it. :saint:
Yahoo!!!! Thanks a lot!!! How come I didn't think about that... idiot me...
He will wish myspace never existed!!! :p j/k
Btw... what is OP? :zombie:
Listen, genius. There is a section in our forum for members to post their own recordings. See here. I only left this thread open since through the title you appeared to be interested in the deliverance riff... your bump however shows your true interest is in getting Mike to comment on your cover. Your rediculous "Rockstar" comment is, well..... rediculous. Rather than drinking champaign in the hot tub with some whores at his mansion like some "Rockstar", you jackass.... he's busy creating another musical offering for your enjoyment, and handling important family biz.... you moron. Remove your cranium from your rectum, you dunce.


Mr. S

lmfao this is fucking awesome, how did i miss this?