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Ah, but I'm sure than NONE of the people voting from the Opeth forum, have never, ever, ever posted here even once, right?
I spend day and night here, and I'm pretty sure they haven't, yes. If they want, they are free to contact me and prove me otherwise, and I will adjust the results. Until then, this is the final word since I don't feel like arguing this with you anymore; you have absolutely NO ground to stand on as far as I'm concerned, and keep reiterating completely useless trivialities -- you must understand that A) this is a poll that is supposed to reflect the taste of the RC board, not the Opeth board and B) I must draw the line somewhere, and I choose to draw it at people who have posted here at some date before the poll was posted. Now as it happens, everyone except ONE (Vilden, who has posted here on numerous occasions) in the list of valid posters is what I'd consider a regular. So unless you have something worthy to add, I'm sorry, but this is the way it's going to be. Cheers.
Bleh screw logic and reasoning; let's settle this with some some arbitrary power wielding; those consdered regulars by the person who started the poll (that would be Erik in case someone missed that) are regulars and valid voters. There :)
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EDIT2: Yeah, that's the one below this


Now if you'll excuse me I still have a few hundred votes to count :erk:
PRELIMINARY RESULTS (still a couple of hours or so left to vote!)

We have a tie situation here, Iced Earth - Destruction... Also Mercyful Fate - Celtic Frost
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